Caught by the Alphas
Caught by the Alphas
Author: K. K. Winter

I'm not gay.

Sarah pov

The vicious howls and growls follow me. One mistake, and they'll catch up with me- then, I'll be slaughtered by the pack. 

I push my body forward, nearly falling over a log in my way. "Damn," I hiss to myself. This is precisely what's going to kill me- inattentiveness and carelessness. Maybe I blame these things for what I did, but I'm already too deep in trouble to regret it. 

How was I supposed to know he's the Alpha? The man looks just like the asshole of a cheater that broke my best friend’s heart.

About an hour ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life, and the attempt to escape is the only way out of the shitstorm I caused.

*** AN HOUR AGO ***

"Hey there, sweetheart. What's your name?" I smile at the bartender as his cheeks turn bright red. 

"T-Thomas, miss. What can I do for you?" The bartender stutters, avoiding my gaze. 

Judging by his appearance and lack of communication skills, I instantly assume the guy is new here; probably his first night.

I prop my weight on my elbows and press my breasts against the counter. "I'd really appreciate it if you could get me some ice for my bleeding knuckles."

"But, miss, your knuckles seem fine." His gaze lingers on my cleavage, and I instantly know that I have him right where I want him.

A sly grin spreads across my lips as I wave some money at him. "That's none of your business, Thomas. Now, chop-chop, get that ice ready, I'll pay."

"Right away, miss," he nods, grabbing a plastic bag.

I watch as the bartender pours some ice into the bag and nod at him. "Keep it somewhere cold, sweetheart; I'll be right back." 

Thomas focuses on the people who keep calling for drinks, and I turn to scan the crowd. 

As expected, I notice his smug smile in the VIP area. I turn to Thomas and excuse myself. I promise to be back soon and remind him to keep my ice nearby. He returns a smile as I force a tenner on the counter. 

All I can see is the cheating asshole. I adjust my dress and ensure my breasts are the main focus as I walk toward the restricted area. My hips sway as violently as never. 

I feel his gaze burning holes in my body as I approach the closed area and do my best to maintain eye contact with the asshole. 

Despite all odds, it’s the hardest thing I've ever done. He undoes a few buttons on his shirt, and I fight the temptation to look at his toned body. 

As soon as I get close enough, he waves his hand for the guards and guests to leave. Pretty sure there's no need to point out that all of his precious guests are women. Fucking playboy piece of shit.

"You're late. Come on, sit down."

A corner of my lip twitches as I stand my ground and reply, "I'm here for a good time, not for a long time."

"Is that so?" He chuckles and rises from his seat.

I push him back into his seat and straddle the man. My hips move to the rhythm of the music as his eyes take me in. I keep grinding myself against him until I feel his erection against me. A low growl leaves his lips as he reaches for the zipper of my dress and tries to undress me. 

I was warned that he might try to do it, so I slap his hand away from me and lean closer to his neck. I trace my tongue against his skin and nibble on his earlobe. "Are you ready?" I whisper, grinding myself against him with more force. 

"I didn't expect this, but fuck yeah," he moans, placing his hands on my hips. 

"Perfect," I hiss as my fist collides with his nose. That’s what he gets for breaking my bestie’s heart.

He doesn't try to fight back or defend himself, so I keep throwing punches at his face until one of the guards pulls me away from him. 

A couple of men come to help him, so I take the opportunity to sneak away from the scene. I run back to the bar, wave my knuckles in front of the bartender's face and laugh like a maniac. 

"I told you they'd be bloody, and I'd need some ice." I drop another tenner on the counter as Thomas hands me the bag of ice. Before I leave the place, I wink at the poor boy and mutter, "Keep the change; you deserve it."

Yet, before I get out of the building, Thomas shouts something at me- something that shatters the plan I had. 

I've mixed up my targets. The man I punched is an Alpha of the pack. That's when I knew I fucked up and had to leave the territory before anyone caught up on me.


Apparently, thinking back on what I did is another mistake. The howls sound so close I can hear their paws hitting the ground. Panic seizes me, and the only exit I see is a nearby tree. God, I hope wolves don't climb trees.

I leap from branch to branch until I reach the last branch that seems strong enough to support my weight. A loud sigh escapes my lips as a swarm of men stop at the tree. 

I look down and bite my lip. From what I can see from here, there are at least thirteen men, if not more. I can't escape unharmed, and even if I had backup, I probably wouldn't manage to escape unharmed. 

"What are you doing up there, SWEETHEART?" One of the troops shouts, emphasising the pet name I gave the bartender.

"Yeah, enjoying the view? Why don't you come down and play a little?" Another man butts in, mocking me. 

"We saw you giving our Alpha a lap dance. I didn't know pussies liked wolves, but there's more than plenty here to satisfy you," I can't see his face, but his words make me cringe. Like I'm ever going to sleep with a wolf. Yeah, in a million years, once I become immortal.

"That's disgusting, Duncan! Fucking sick!" A new voice joins the two idiots. "Even if you're joking, no one's  sick enough to touch a damn cat." Usually, I'd be offended, but I enjoy the disgust in his voice. At least one of them isn't vile enough to think of using me like that. 

"I knew you were a closeted faggot, Zack," the guy, who's apparently named Duncan, laughs. "I'd smash. Hard, fast, and rough. That's what you are into, isn't it, SWEETHEART?" Again, the disgusting emphasis on the pet name. 

"I'm not gay." Zack snarls. "Alright, then, we can have sex with her." 

"What are you, a virgin? Try to say we'll nail her?" Duncan laughs. "She looks like a prime pussy." And that has to be the most insulting yet flattering thing anyone has ever said about me. 

I take a deep breath and shout at the guys, "Leave me alone, you damn freaks! Go chase a bone or, I don't know, beg your owner for some dry food!"

"Shit!" Someone hisses and nudges one of the guys. "Duncan, climb the damn tree and get her down before Luka gets here!"

"Why me?"

Though they all speak almost simultaneously, I can hear their intentions loud and clear. "Because you're the smallest of us! Those branches won't hold our weight. We have to get rid of her before she can tell anyone what we planned!" 

"Yeah, like Luka would believe her," Duncan chuckles. 

"He may be on our side, but what if she tells the other cats? Our pack could get in trouble if she opens her mouth!"

Duncan stops in front of the tree, and I feel the colour drain from my face. Does he really want to listen to his friends and drag me down? 

However, as he reaches for the lowest branch, someone growls at the gang, loud enough to make even me wince. "All of you, get away from here! Now!"

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