Chapter 45


It felt like I was falling into nothing. While I was going down, the leaves were sucked upwards. This is a dream. A dream of falling into nothing. And it’s tiring because I can’t close my eyes inside this dream.

I fought Skip into a duel. He hurt me a lot during the process since he’s winning. But I did not let myself lose this time. I was mad by all of the words he said. He drove me furiously for me to transform into someone I never thought I would’ve.

I could’ve stopped myself and let myself lose that day. I didn’t.

While he was bragging about how strong he is, and how he can be the next Alexander the Great or Samson, I used all of my force to pull him down. His body dropped to the ground then I raged into the fire. I did not know what happened next. What I can remember was that I was using my force to fight him. Then I lost consciousness.

While dreaming, I glanced at where I was falling. I saw bricks and stones scattered on the ground. My fall would be painful in real li
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