P.S. You're My Mate

P.S. You're My Mate

By:  Kylie. G  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK ONE:“You can fight me all you want, Grace, but you can't ignore what you feel for me forever. If neither of us reject each other the bond only grows stronger. You feel it don't you, your need for me," He calmly said, inching his way toward me. I glared at him, the sound of his voice had me pooling in my. I hated that, hated that all it took was his voice to turn me on, "You're not my mate. I refuse to believe it!" Was all I said before I stormed out of there.__________________________After a drunken one night stand with a stranger, Grace Evans wakes up with a note left at her bedside. The last words of the note both startle and confuse her especially since she saw her mate die in front of her very eyes. What happens when the mysterious stranger now comes to claim her? Will she give in to him or will she reject him, killing his wolf and breaking his heart?

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55 Chapters
GRACE I still remember the day I found my mate. The way he smelt was as fresh as the forest floor. The way his sandy blonde hair was always tied in a man bun. His blue eyes sparkled like the ripples in the ocean catching the glare of the sun. He was a pack warrior, his years of fighting took their toll on him, leaving him with a slightly crooked nose and a red scar that decorated his left cheek. The scar never healed thanks to the silver used to create it. He was pure muscle, hard, and perfect. His 6'3 height towered over my 5'2 but it was perfect. We fitted perfectly together. We shared so many likes and we shared the same dislikes which made it so much easier for us to get along. It was a bonus that we belonged to the same pack: Silver Dawn. The day I turned sixteen was my first shift. Carter De
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Chapter 01
GRACE Let's get one thing straight when I say I hate something I mean it and I will never do it. However, if my dumbass best friend: Monica Steerling happened to be involved, then suddenly you'll find me doing things I wouldn't normally do; things that were completely out of my character — like coming to this human nightclub and allowing her to gorge more than a gallon of alcohol. Unfortunately, that was what it took for her to feel the slightest bit tipsy and she planned on getting hammered, so once she began ordering drinks, they just kept coming with no end in sight. She made sure that I drank too, knowing that the effects wouldn't last that long so we could easily make it back home. Either way, if a human tried to touch us, our wolves would take over and it would be 'bye-bye human'. One of the many perks to being a werewolf if you had to ask me. We healed rapidl
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Chapter 02
GRACE Werewolves have really quick recovery times. With that being said, suffering from a hangover was nearly impossible if all we drank was human liquor. But as my eyes fluttered open and I began perching myself up, an undeniable throbbing headache attacked my head. If I didn't know better, I would have thought my brain had shifted, probably turned upside down for all I knew.I waited for the slight disorientation to fade away before finally taking in my surroundings. My memory felt fuzzy and I suspected that Monica must have spiked one of my drinks last night to help me loosen up. Certain supernatural substances managed to get us werewolves high. I didn't know much about them but Monica was a raging party animal who had tried just about everything for the fun of it.Looking around, I realized I was in my bedroom — the one in the apartment I owned outside the pack. I hadn't gotten around to decorat
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Chapter 03
GRACEI wanted to move, to run out of there, and never look back but my feet wouldn't let me. They betrayed me by remaining put, almost as if someone poured quick-drying cement on them. We just stood there, eyes never wavering. He looked surprised to see me but what did he expect. There was only one pack in this district so obviously, I belonged here; unless he expected me to be a rouge. I knew I'd run into him eventually, I just didn't expect it to be so soon.From the corner of my eye, I spotted Gino walking toward me, his muscular arm firmly wrapped around the tiny waist of what I assumed was his mate. I decided to break our a little staring contest and meet Gino's sparkling blue orbs instead. His eyes reminded me so much of his brother's."Grace, finally decided to come home?" Gino grinned cheekily and I knew Monica must have told him about last night.Rolling my very dull blue eyes, I pun
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Chapter 04
GRACE"Mom, can we not talk about this," I groaned, walking up to her and placing a kiss onto her cheek, "I came here with the hope of getting away from it for a while. Just a little while.""I don't think that's going to be possible because Rykes is on his way to see you," Aphrodite informed, "He's not mad so don't worry about that but he really wants to talk to you.""Are you sure he isn't mad? I mean, I did attack an alpha wolf that had permission to be on our territory," I began fumbling with my fingers, anxiety rising within me. I was ready to face any punishment he would offer. To attack without reason or cause was against pack law."Alpha Silas spoke to Rykes and requested that he let you off with a warning. He seems to understand why you refuse to accept the bond," she said before her eyes glazed over. Aphrodite had the uncanny ability to communicate within a mind link and still talk to someone in person at the same time. I had no ide
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Chapter 05
SILAS"What if she rejects you?" My Beta, Xander Payne, asked with concern lacing his words. He didn't have ill intentions, obviously trying to look out for his Alpha but my wolf didn't take too kindly to what he asked.A growl vibrated in my chest, a warning growl telling him that he better tread lightly, "She won't. I won't allow her too." I simply stated, my wolf stirring at the thought of not having her.Not again, this won't happen again. "You can't force her to accept you Silas. From what I heard, she had a mate before and she still seems very connected to that mate," he pointed out, leaning back into the brown leather couch he was seated in. He had his left leg resting over his right knee, elbows resting on the arm rests, and fingers laced in front of him. Clearly, his stance screamed business mode, trying to tell me that he was just stating the facts of the situation.My wolf felt jealous of the strong bond she had with her pas
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Chapter 06
GRACEI spent my Saturday night and all of my Sunday locked in my room, not even bothering to leave to eat with the rest of the pack. Monica hadn't been to the room since she left Saturday afternoon which left me in a calm, smoke-free zone for the weekend which I took full advantage of. I loved my best friend, I just didn't love her smoking habits. Unfortunately, she listened to no one and did whatever the hell she felt like unless the Alpha ordered her otherwise. Throwing on a hot pink sports bra, black yoga tights, and trainers I had bought just for pack training, I made my way to the back yard where everyone was beginning to do stretches and warm-ups for the session. After I joined the pack warriors, I quickly climbed the ranks, becoming the head female pack warrior. At first, I had been the only she-wolf and the men in the pack didn't take too kindly to that. However, with the alpha's permission, I began training o
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Chapter 07
GRACEI had been on border petrol that Monday evening; directly after dinner at the pack house, I had to report for duty. To be the pain in the ass I expected him to be, Silas decided to follow me out that night, keeping me company during my entire shift. He kept his distance from me though, and I was grateful that we couldn't understand one another in wolf form. I didn't need him reminding me of the events that happened earlier in the day. My one moment of weakness that I would never show him again.Tuesday followed in the same manner; training in the morning, sleeping during the day, and border patrol all night. Even Tuesday, Alpha Silas followed me out. My wolf loved that. It showed that he cared for his mate's safety. If I didn't know any better, I'd say my wolf was quite content with accepting Silas as our new mate.Although many novels — obviously written by humans who didn't know much about ou
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Chapter 08
GRACEWhatever trance he had found himself in broke just as fast as he fell into it. He was quick to catch me up again, matching my stride as best as he could, "No-one has ever mentioned my eyes before."I shrugged, "So no-one finds it weird that they're purple sometimes and a honey brown others.""Yours turn obsidian at times and then they turn to this bluish gray," he pointed out. It made me feel a little less awkward that I had put so much time into analyzing his eyes because clearly he did the same."That's because my wolf tends to take over when she's mad. Haven't completely learnt how to control that yet," I admitted, keeping my eyes downcast. Everything came easy to me because I did it on an everyday basis but I hardly ever felt anger so when I did, I simply didn't know how to deal with it."Well the same happens with me, except, my wolf and I have an understanding.
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Chapter 09
GRACEAfter pulling a double shift patrolling the pack western border, I was officially exhausted. I had only returned to my room at the pack house at sunrise and found Monica still deep in her slumber. She wore a white tank top and silk shots that left nothing to the imagination. Laying on her stomach, she had one hand and one leg dangling off the bed in a position that didn't look too comfortable. Rolling my eyes, I stripped down into my underwear and pulled over a long, baggy t-shirt so I could get some sleep. Luckily, because of how drained both me and my wolf were, sleep came easily but I was never a day sleeper. With the heat and the bright sun protruding through the drawn curtains, I only managed to get three hours' worth of sleep in. When I awoke, I found Monica fully dressed, sitting at the edge of her bed, fully engrossed in her phone.I rubbed my eyes to remove it's tiredness as my groggy vo
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