Chapter Fifty-Two-Delaney

The sound of Delaney's car door slamming behind her, and peace the front seat of her car brought, made her smile. She'd spent most of the day studying in-between her grad school classes, before she needed to get home to whip up something for dinner.

She'd spent the majority of the semester, trying her hardest to get the last few months out of her brain. Well, the bad parts of it at least. Those months brought her back into Patch Larson's sight.

The mention of his name still gave her goosebumps. After his shoulder healed, and she made arrangement for grad school in Florida, they moved. Witout second thought, they gatered their things and moved.

No more small town drama. No more of her father's problems, not that he hadn't tried to reach out by phone, and write Lucas wanting her to stop by. Maybe one day she could stop by, but at the moment, she didn't want to hear his lies or excuses.

Having to go back for the trial would be enough for her.

She hated that Patch had to relive a
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Susana Ibrahim Ahmad
So what was the reason that Luca’s dad killed his wife and patch mother. Why he kidnapped Katy ?
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I loved this book! The story fascinated me, it has love, suspense, drama, interesting twists and characters.
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Josilyn Benham
Absolutely loved this book. You are an amazing writer. I hope this is not the last we hear from them. Will you be continuing with a sequel?
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