52 Chapters
Chapter One-Delaney
“You’ve put on some love chub.”She hadn’t expected anymore from her older brother, Lucas. Eight years older than her but none the wiser. He’d looked the same since he graduated seventeen years before. His career in the military had only added to his good looks. Turns out girls really like big arms, tattoos and Marine cuts, who would have thought?  Plus having a purple heart because you saved someone’s life really gets ‘em hot. Hence the nice farm house he lived in with four-wheelers and ATVs, on top of owning the small lumber store down town, he had done well for himself, which put a lot of pressure on her to do so, too. “Yep,” he said, picking her up a bit from the floor. “Definitely love chub.”“Wow, I feel so beautiful. Thank you for that.” Sadly, he wasn’t wrong per se.  She had put on some weight in the last few years but it had turned int
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Chapter Two-Patch
Sweet, little Delaney …  Patch placed his empty plate on the edge of the coffee table, and leaned back against the loveseat so he could look at her without drawing attention. Delaney wasn’t what he remembered of her, not even in the last few years when he stopped by for the holidays. There was an evident few pounds she’d gained, he was sure because she’d gotten too comfortable with what’s his name, but damn him to hell, if she didn’t wear it well. She’d definitely matured since the last time he’d seen her … when was that again? The latest he could remember was around Christmas in 2019.  She hadn’t brought her boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend with her that year--which, had been fine with him. He had no desire to meet the guy, especially since Lucas filled him in on his lack of knowing how to do anything but study. Entitlement came to mind from what Lucas told him.  Patch never imagined Delaney being with a man that couldn’t take car
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Chapter Three--Delaney
“Breakfast!” she shouted. It didn’t surprise her that no one answered. She’d gotten into the grove of getting up early for classes for a while. Her brother was used to waking up when he wanted since he hired a manager to look after the lumber store for him. “Lucas!” she shouted again. Nothing.She took the last piece of bacon off of the griddle and put it on the paper towel with the rest to drain. Lucas made a grunt from the other room after a few moments, which gave her a few minutes before he actually made it to the kitchen. She wiped her hands on the kitchen towel and looked out of the blinds. Patch’s motorcycle wasn’t there which shocked her. Where did he have to go that early in the morning, not that it was her business, but she was a little curious. Lucas’ shuffled in a few short minutes later, no shirt and a pair of basketball shorts riding lo
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Chapter Four-Patch
Patch slammed his fist against the kids jaw once again, watching blood fly out of his mouth and sling against the concert. It’d been easy to say that this would be an easy distraction from what he’d seen in his best-friend's kitchen the night before, but sadly, it wasn’t. Patch hadn’t stopped thinking about the way she looked in her swim suite, and the way it clung to her, and the curve of her breasts. She’d turned into one hell of a woman Patch had promised to stay away from. Go figure. That bright pink suite would be engrained into his head for the rest of his life. He knew she wasn’t the most experienced girl in the world, and it turned him on so badly it ate at him. He could show her how to feel good. He wanted to be the one to show her. That stupid promise he made buzzed into his view, every time he even thought about looking at her, like a gnat. The guy picked his head up and slobber slung from his tongue, the bandana he wore was some kind of South Side stuff they cam
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Chapter Five--Delaney
The house was quiet when Delaney arrived home that afternoon. Her brother left a note for her not to wait up, he had plans, which gave her some time to herself, not that she needed it but a little time to drink a glass of wine and cool down didn’t sound too bad. Delaney opened the chicken wrap she’d grabbed from the corner store on the way home and poured herself a glass of red wine. She curled her feet underneath her and turned on some rom-com she’d passed when channel surfing. By the middle of her glass she could feel it in her toes. It’d been a while since she drank, with finals she used every free moment to study. She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep, or how tired she had grew at the store. The girls were crazy busy, but a lot of fun to work with. Delaney didn’t even mind the work they had her doing. Seeing her work on the display shelf made her proud, and she’d missed that feeling. The sound of a truck door slamming woke her from where she’d fallen asleep on the couch
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Chapter Six--Patch
Patch shut the hood of the woman’s convertible and watched as the twins relentlessly flirted with her in the lobby. She seemed vaguely familiar from high-school, but he knew one thing for certain, she hadn’t ran with their crowd. It was evident by her perfectly straightened hair and the nice whip he’d just changed the oil for, not to mention the clothes he would have never even dreamed of having growing up. If she did ever consider dating or sleeping with one of them it would be done in secret. It was the socs and the greasers all over again.  Snake raked his fingers through his dark black hair, and gave the girl a sheepish smile. “I’m free any night for you, Princess.” The girl liked the attention, it was apparent, but Patch could see the worry in her eyes. What would her parents think about her dating someone like Snake, or even someone that went by name of Snake?  “Your car is ready,” Patch said.  She stood up from her chair
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Chapter Seven--Delaney
The night air was thick with humidity from being in Texas, but the fun of the party distracted her from her drenched dress. Her brother obviously knew how to throw a party, as a badly as she didn’t want to like it, she had a good time. People began to crash and leave around two, so she took a chance to walk back up to her room. She’d shower in the morning before work, and wash her sheets sometime before the weekend was over with. Running her fingers into her hair, she walked into her room and sat on the corner of the bed. Her shoes were gone, she hadn’t remembered where she’d left them, and those wine coolers had fogged her brain faster than they used to. She blamed it on college, because she wasn’t a partier in then, she was there to graduate. An occasional wine glass at dinner, but definitely not a drunkard. Delaney began to unzip her dress when her door opened, and she shrieked trying to hide herself. At first she thought it was some drunk person trying to find a place to sl
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Chapter Eight-Patch
Patch revved his engine and sped down the small road that would lead him to town. He’d been in shock to see her standing there on his mother’s back porch. Her Fat Bottomed Chicks T-shirt neatly tucked into a pair of expensive jeans, looking more out of place than anything else. The look of fear on her face made him angry, and the slew of curses his mother tossed her way, not even realizing who Delaney was or why she was there. Patch groaned and shook his head slightly. He never imagined staying away from Lucas’ sister would prove this difficult. He wanted nothing more than to go get a shower and sleep off his bad day. He’d dropped his mother off at the rehab center being she passed out on the couch, and it would buy him a few days before he had to worry about her getting out. Those short two days that she would make it in drug rehab were the best days of his life because he didn’t have to worry about her.&nbs
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Chapter Nine - Delaney
So much had happened that it was hard for her to believe. She’d woken up the next morning with Patch’s scent on her brain, an overload of skin on skin action and the image of his naked mom. Not to mention the fire. Someone call Smoky Bear because Delaney is on a roll. What’s next? The forest, you say? Delaney sat at the dining room table, eating one of the donuts she’d gone out of her way to get that morning, and stared at the front page of their little paper. “What a show I am,” she whispered to herself between another bite. A door behind her closed and she turned to see Patch coming out of the house with his work clothes on. He had a James Dean, Soda Pop kind of look and it fit him well. There was that hard edge about him but something about that slow talk and gentle heart that made her want to know more. He’d been clear, but oh how his face betrayed
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Chapter Ten--Patch
Patch was daydreaming at the garage when Daz called an emergency meeting. Jimmy put the closed sign on the garage door, and turned to look at Patch. His long dark hair was pulled back into a man bun, and unlike his twin, he was more serious about the club than Snake. “You ready to do this? I wonder what it’s about?” Patch lit a cigarette and followed him out the back and toward the clubhouse. Once they got near the doors he could hear the rumble inside. All the group sat at the long table Daz put in for meetings, and most of them looked mad as hell. “Finally,” Lonny hollered from the corner chair. Patch ignored the old man and took a seat by Twello who looked at him with a worried stare. “What happened?” he whispered to him. “Lonny and Daz’s bikes were tampered with at the bar last night. Someone beat the hell out of them. We’re guessing The South Side,” he said. Patch knew it wouldn’t be long before a rival started between the two of them, especially since he’d threatened
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