Chapter - 7

Ekiya's Pov.:-

I was in my deep sleep when I woke up by a feather-soft touch on my cheeks which was running up and down on my cheeks.

I opened my eyes to see beautiful brown eyes which hold love, care, affection, innocence, purity in them. I looked at her innocent baby face, she plants several kisses all over my face to let the heat rush in my dead pale face.

My emotionless face broke in a genuine smile after seeing her before my eyes. The way she shows her love to me literally made me emotional at the same time made me feel special and wanted to her, I am thankful to God to have Oni in my life and more to that her trust, love, attention everything, she showers at me.

In return, she demands the same from me. I started to love her like my flesh before that I had affection for her in my heart since she is an adorable child but now the more she called me mommy, the more my heart believed it and forced me to become her mother in real terms.

My eyes roamed around me to learn that I am still in the same car in which I was before losing consciousness.

' But wait a minute! what she is doing here? ' I wondered in confusion because last time I remember she was in her school.

' ohhhh eki you fool! Obviously, she will be here because it's noon so, it's her home returning time ' I conclude the things because I saw Oni in her school uniform.

At the same time car started to move and I made Oni sit on her seat with a fastening seat belt around her.

" Mommy today my teacher taught us a poem and she gave us it as homework, mommy that poem is tough my tongue hesitate in singing it, will you help me with my homework? " She asked me with her small cute lips making pout the way she tried to pronounce words properly, her eyes literally pleading to me to say yes but somewhere they also hold doubt and fear of being rejected.

" Of course my princess. How was your day by the way? " I asked her after planting kisses on her head to which she giggled while shrinking her shoulders.

" Thank you so much, mommy! You are the best mommy! My day was wonderful, I told my friends about you but no one trust me, they said it's bad to lie but I was not lying mommy, you are here with me, I told them that I got my mommy back but they made fun of me " she complain to me with a sad face.

Her upset mood broke my heart.

" It's alright dear, sometimes people never trust us until you show them proof, they believe only those things which they assume about us, so, don't give your trust to such peoples who are not worthy of it.

How about this if tomorrow I will drop you at your class and will introduce myself to your friends as your mommy huh! " I said to her remembering about her father because he also believes in his assumptions more than anything.

" That would be a great idea mommy," she said broking in cheered up smile.

" I am a hungry mommy! " She said patting her stomach and winching in hunger. Her face is frowned up in starvation.

" Wait a little baby. See we arrive " I told her caressing her stomach to which she nods her head.

' note for future, from tomorrow, have to pack light snacks for her ' my brain told me.

Soon we arrived and without any further delay I carry her school bag meanwhile she ran inside the house leaving me behind with her giggles.

I walk in to see all silent hall .. maybe staff members were having their lunch since it's one past something in hall clock.

I placed oni's bag on her study table and started to take out all the things from her bag.

The water bottle and lunch box which are empty means she has eaten her lunch, I put them aside to take them to the kitchen when I will go down.

At the same time, Oni was busy removing her shoes. I moved to her and help her in the washroom.

We both walk-in the dining room after changing oni's clothes in her blue shorts and white t-shirt ... I made her plate .. and wondered ...

' I am also starving should I eat food or not? '

' just eat eki, he wouldn't going to know about it '

' who will tell him if you eat food, no one knows that he has given you punishment for not having food and no one is around for being a witness  ..'

' ya just eat it .. yes! But if he learnt about it then consequences will be unpleasant for me '

' ohhhh eki don't be a coward now, just shut your horse eki, just eat it, how he will know when he is not here, it's not like he will open your stomach to look in it for any trace of food '

" Mommy why you are not eating? " Oni asked me pulling me out from my debating mind.

I gave her my nervous smile and nod my head as yes.

After making a plate for myself I took my first bite and moaned in bliss, I started to guzzle food in my mouth to eat it fast because I don't want to be caught by anyone.

I finished my food and put the plate in the silent kitchen in the washing bin .. Oni too finished her food.

I helped her in her bed to take a nap.

" Go in the backyard and help in the garden " head incharge said to me when she found me in the alley of rooms.

I nod my head but before going there I took the opportunity to steal some things from the underground hall like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and some other kinds of stuff like sanitary pads, washing powder, comb, hair rubber etc.

Without getting caught in anyone's eyes I put all the things in my room and rushed towards the backyard where I saw all the maid staffs women busy doing their own work.

Some are busy plucking vegetables from vegetable plants.

Yes in the backyard there are literally all seasonal vegetables are harvested here.

Some are busy with flower plants who may be gardeners .. some are planting new plants.

One maid gave me a spade to dig in the soil to plant new plants ...



Sun rays are killing me, it's burning my skin, My body is badly bathed with sweat.. my throat is dread for water since sun's burning rays have drained half of the water of my body in the form of sweat.

One maid passed me a water bottle when she saw me looking at her drinking water. I drank water without any worry. 

I am tired, battered, my body is crying to me for rest but I am not allowed, here every one is cruel except Oni .. maid staff is also mean to me since they are doing their shift with brakes but not letting me to take rest to catch my peaceful breaths.

" Go everyone take your respective bath .. you all are stinking like rotten eggs " head incharge shouted from a distance when she saw us standing under the tree resting as we all finished our work.

All rushed towards the servant quarter meanwhile, I rushed to my small house with less room. I enjoyed my bath since the water was cold, soothing my burning skin and I have all the necessary things for bath ... With that, I washed my maid dress as it was all dirty.

I combed my hair with a comb which I had stolen from the underground hall but it's not stealing, I just take them because I was in need.

I tied my hair in a tight bun with my body covered by new clean sets of maid uniforms since the previous one was all dirty and stinking in sweat.

I hang my washed clothes on a small branch of a small tree to dry as it's four something in the evening but the sun is still showing its heat.

After finishing my work I thought to rest a little since my eyes were asking me for a nap. I laid on my cleaned floor which has a cleaned bedsheet spread over it. I had washed it in the morning with water only as I didn't have washing powder at that time but now I have every basic necessary thing and will wash it tomorrow morning since the red mark of my virginity is still showing over it.

I wiped my running tears from my cheeks and closed my eyes after laying on the floor, at first I hissed in pain when my back made contact with the hard floor but soon I felt okay not comfortable but at least my back is not aching as previous.

I was about to lose in deep sleep when someone knocked on the door and said " what are you doing girl? does it take this long to take a bath? ".

From the voice I recognise that it's head in charge, she is cursing me while standing before my door and banging it more hard with every hard knock.

I think she has taken swear to break this already rotten door which is too poor to stand long in one piece.

I opened the door with lowered head as I don't have the guts to face her angry face.

" What do you think of yourself .. huh .. some kind of queen or what? Who always needs an invitation ! .. I am warning you girl one last time be mature and learn your all duties so that I would be free from informing you about your works time to time " she yelled at me in pure frustration.

I understand her words, she has many more works than tailing behind me, to inform me about my all duties one after one.

" My apologize mam " I apologise to her to which she pats my head lightly releasing a sigh of regret .. because I read regret on her face for yelling at me.

" Come fast .. follow me " saying this she turned and started to move towards the mansion.

We arrived in the kitchen where she told me to give evening tea to old couples means my in-laws .. huff.

" But where are they? " I asked her after coming back in the kitchen when I didn't find them neither in the dining room nor in the living hall.

" They are in the garden silly girl," the head incharge told me just the same my mother used to scold me. I giggled when she passed me that same smile that a mother does.

I walked into the garden which was on the left side of the mansion. I found both of them seating on chairs discussing or talking something with smiles over their faces .. but their smile didn't last long when they sense my presence.

I kick the feeling of unwanted and tried to make an emotionless face but couldn't master it as my eyes shin due to tears puffing in them.

" Sir tea " I passed Mr Singh his herbal tea which he stared at for good five-six seconds .. his wife bugged his arm with her to make him look at her.

They talked silently with their eyes and Mr Singh rolled his eyes on his wife and accept the cup from the trey .. meanwhile, Mrs Singh intimidate me with her eyes while taking her normal sweet tea.

I was about to dismiss myself from them with a light bow but I stumbled forward thanks to god I didn't fall on anyone.

I felt two hands around my legs .. soon heard a giggling naughty voice.

" Mommy .. hehehehe " giggled Oni after hugging my legs from behind.

I freed myself from her but before I could talk to her, her grandpa said " no greetings, no hugs, no kisses, no smiles to this old man. I think you forgot me since you got your mommy ".

Pure jealousy is evident in his sentence .. he even said mommy's word sarcastically.

Oni left me without looking at me and ran to her grandparents to play with them. I silently looked at them with a smile.

" Good evening grandpa and grandma " Oni greet them with a smile on her face.

The time Oni reach near her grandpa he started to tickle her making her shout " no .. hahaha ... Hahaha ... Hahaha .. grandma .. hahaha .. save .. me  ".

Looking at them I recalled my happy moments with my parents and brother ... We also used to play with each other, whenever me and brother tangled in the fight with each other our parents used to give us different punishments .. like as apologies he had to tie my hairs meanwhile I had to massage his head ...

Those days were bliss .. but I am not that lucky anymore.

I was enjoying their moments with a smile on my face ... But my smile slips from my face when suddenly Mr Singh shoot me a ha ard glare .. his angry look reminds me about his son, which means my husband both are the same dominating animals!

His hard glare was enough for me to realise that I am not welcome in this scenery. I felt a kick in my heart which hurt me as my heart broke.

With lowered head, I moved back and literally ran into the mansion hiding my falling tear from whom I myself don't know.

I don't know why they all hate me this much, you know what why it hurts me this much because I was never treated in this way .. my parents they have always showered me with their loves so as my brother .. no one has never ever neglect me or make me feel unwanted which I am feeling here.

After helping Oni with her homework and other school kinds of stuff... I was busy polishing shoes which were Mr and Mrs Singh's while seating on the floor in the slipper room which was near the entrance. I yelped in surprise when suddenly I felt something hit me on my shoulder and hand  ...

I looked up at my before to see the great namesake husband of mine is standing in his all glory passing smirk to me.

When I continued to look at him with my sleep-filled tired eyes he shoot me daggers firing stares .. in a reflex, I lowered my eyes.

I looked at the thing which he had thrown on me to see it's his shoes which he had worn.

He walked out from the room leaving me in my one piece for which I am thankful.

With a tired sigh, I started to polish my shoes, there are only three sets of shoes are left including the devil's also .



I washed my hands in one of the general washroom which was for every staff members to use .

I walk out .. only to came across Oni who was I think searching for me , her face broke in smile when she saw me standing before her .

" Mommy I am hungry ! " She winched while flying her hands dramatically ..

I pinched her small nose playfully and asked " and what this princess want to eat ? " .

" Choco .. choco .. chocolate ice cream ! " She sang while shaking her body left to right ..

" No .. not now maybe tomorrow at noon .. now since it's dinner time you can have your early dinner .. what's say ? " I said to her ...

To which she made ugly face ... I broke in laughter seeing her making funny faces .

" You know it's ruined to make faces in your elders presence " I said to her in my calm and polite voice ..

" I am sorry mommy .. but I want ice cream .. now .. icecream.. icecream.. !  icecream.. icecream.. ! " She started to shout showing the evidence of her being stubborn just like her father ..

No doubt she is Singh ... Stubbornness is in their genes ! .

I tried to hold her but since she was jumping up and down I couldn't .

Only if was not that exhausted than maybe I would face her stubbornness with cool but not now when my sense are dripping down in sleep .. I am too frustrated with no mood to handle such acts  .

" Oni behave yourself .. I told you no icecream means no .. it's not good for your health okay " I said this to her with little raised voice and hash way while pointing my finger to her .

Maybe my face was looking bit angry and scary because she broke in weeping while hiding her squeezing eyes with the back of her hands .

My heart broke .. I tried to hold her but the moment my hands touched her she pushed away them .

She ran in hall I too followed her .. my heart is aching in pain seeing her in tears because of me .

She collide with someone who was busy in his phone .. that person turned in reflex when that person felt oni's hands around his legs .

She hugged his legs while weeping .. I gasped when I saw that the person whom she is hugging ... it's her father .. my body trembled in proximity of coming unbearable things for which I am not ready .

He cut the call and carry Oni in his arms .. Oni rest her head on his shoulder but didn't stop her weeping .. he tried hard to calm her down by rocking her gently , caressing her back .. but she didn't stop in her weeping .

I walk to them since the sound of her weeping echoing in whole hall and it's bleeding my heart seeing her crying because I lose my calm .

Only if I was little conscious about my behaviour that wouldn't have happened .

" What happened Oni .. would you tell me what made my princess to lose her precious tears for it ? " he asked her in his gentle voice .

I sweat like pig in horror .. because the time he will learn that I am the reason of her cries he will slice apart my head from my body .

Soon Mr. and Mrs. Singh also showed their presence in hall .. their face is also shrink in worry for Oni .

After cleaning oni's face with his handkerchief he sit on one couch with Oni on his lap .

He plant several kisses on her face to make her stop in her weeping .. she hugged him and said " dada mommy shout on me , she said me no for icecream .. " .

And here all draggers shooting furious eyes turned to me .. my sweating body is trembling like a dry leaf .. all are giving me angry glares but no one said me anything .. I looked up at devil only to lowered my gaze in terror .. because he is looking so furious that he can burn me with his eyes only .

" No one will stop you from eating anything .. come lets have dinner .. " he cheered up her mood .. her grandparents took her with them in dining room while I stood there waiting for him to go .

But before going he stood before me and said " that's was not at all good thing .. you love to disobey me .. don't you .. huh ! " .

He disappeared from my sight to free me breath freely .. I felt wetness on my cheeks .. I realised that I was crying all the time till now .

I too came in dining room as my duty is not over .. everyone is eating their food meanwhile Oni .. she is eating ice-cream from ice-cream basket .

No doubt they love her but don't know how to care this delicate bud .. they are spoiling her with fulfilling her every wrong demand .

I shook my head .. the way she is eating I am hundred percent sure she is going to catch cold maybe burning body too .

I sighed ... As night is still young for me .. only for me .





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