Chapter - 64

Author's pov:-

" How can I help you sir? " the lady questioned Om who was standing in the toy shop with a big frown because all toys are good to play with. He is confused as hell to choose which one. He likes every toy which his eyes catch. For a second he thought to buy the whole shop but this gesture will scare the shit out of the parents of the baby.

Two days after, Mansi's daughter's birthday who is going to turn one and for that Om has started to do shopping. He has already brought a beautiful dress for the girl but now the toy has become a big question mark to him as every toy is good in his eyes.

" I want a suitable toy for a one-year-old girl " Om let out looking at the Barbie dolls while the shopkeeper nods her head in understanding and walk to the back shelf and came out with a big box of Micky mouse soft toy sets.


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