Chapter - 60

Author's pov.:-

Ekiya silently sits in the corner after her dinner looking at the dancing couples on the stage. Meanwhile, Girik is with the kids tugging them in their bed as they were tired and sleepy which gave him enough time to spend some moments with his children. Girik is at peace that at least now he and Ekiya are in sort of formal conversation terms like normal people.

Ekiya passed smile at Girik's parents when accidentally her eyes fall on them which they returned instantly. Looking at them she felt pity. She has forgiven Girik out of pity because deep down she too knows that it's the biggest lie she has spoken to Girik. She doesn't have that big heart anymore inside her to forgive him. She was helpless to say this because if she didn't then Girik would have hurt himself in the worst which might cost him his life which she doesn't want.

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