Chapter 11: Thoughts of the Poor

Don't know if it's due to fatigue or because of favorable geographical conditions. Last night, while handling work, Dean felt asleep at some point.

Until the song set the alarm in the phone rang. Dean thought “how long has it been since I heard this ringing? It's still early, just over four o'clock.”

Dean decided to close his eyes and sleep again. The weather is cool and people-friendly. Dean tried to resist the sound of the alarm, but the ringing of the phone made Dean nervous inhibition.

He couldn't stand it but his eyes were still closed. His hand groped the phone according to the source of the sound. Until the second bell rang, he found out.

Open an eye. Can't believe it. It is now five hours and seven minutes. So the first bell rang, at four-twenty, he just opened his eye and ignored the ringing bell, the bell went off by itself.

Looking outside, it was pitch black, around two or three o'clock in the city. In the mountains, near dawn, the temperature drops quite lowly.

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