chapter 124



After confessing to her that I'm in love with a human her rage seemed to have multiplied drastically as she wouldn't stop showing up before the girl, compel her and threaten her various times,

On several basis she would beat your mother up and compel her to forget at times your mum would turn up before mw with swollen faces lips and all without having a memory of what happened and would always tell me Sha probably slipped and fell,

One day I found out eventually as I had stopped by your mum's place without letting her know, only to find Maud beating her up as usual …"

"Maud was your lover?x i ask my dad hoping the answer turns negative,

"She was my lover. How do you know her? Have you met her by chance?"

"Maud is my personal tender i had left her alone with Laura and now i can tell it isn't a good idea and i made a terrible huge mistake,"

"How could you make such a mistake? Did you by chance tell her anything?" Father asks his eyes narrowed into a slit as i bite down
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