The Alpha's Unwanted Mate

The Alpha's Unwanted Mate

By:  Gaydar  Completed
Language: English
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WARNING— 18+ READ WITH CAUTION Slowly stroking her again he leaned down placing a kiss on her forehead. "Just calm down Kitten. No more crying." He extended a hand using it to wipe the tears that laid on her cheeks. Seeing them there didn't set right with him, she was suppose to be writhing in pleasure not crying in pain. "Do you not trust me?" Celeste nodded holding onto him for dear life. "I do." "Then spread your legs wider Kitten." **** Celeste always thought her life would change for the better, the future she had foreseen was one like no other; a mate that would love away her pain, a mate that would see only her, breathe only her. However, when she found herself mated to Zillon Macre; her life long crush as well as the future alpha of her pack, her dream remained just that, a dream. Her life did not change in the way she wanted it to, instead of better, it changed for the worst. Her insignificance didn't dissipate, it augmented, and somehow it left her being unwanted... By her pack members... Her family... And lastly by her mate who only craved for her twin sister.

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This novel surrounds about a romance of two werewolves. Celeste was almost Zillon's victim. But without it happening, he would never find out that Celeste is his mate. Celeste is done keeping up with his notorious attitudes, so she decided to keep Zillon emotionally distant. Meanwhile, Zillon also couldn't keep up without Celeste and as he feels unwanted, he develops his wild, cruel, and heartless alter-ego. Zillon showed no mercy to Celeste for how she treated him and...

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Wonderful story! This is my second time reading it and just as good as the first. Keep writing ...️
2023-10-11 20:55:13
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Angie Hite
Absolutely loving this book! I’m only on chapter 49 but I can’t wait to see how the story ends.
2023-06-20 02:16:53
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Tiffany Carlson
Great book!! And lots of surprises! Thank you!
2023-04-22 06:08:19
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Faye Wharton
Enjoyable read
2023-04-17 21:12:46
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Please keep writing!! I’m ready for Liam and Fredd’s book ...️
2023-03-28 10:02:39
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keep on writing ...️ ... .......
2023-02-22 14:46:10
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Hera Ayacila
... love the story hoping you can read it for free
2022-09-11 13:04:58
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Skyler Harris
So I haven’t read all of either of the books I’ve just read the summary and it seems like they were really supposed to swap mates because one mate loves one twin and the other mate loves the other one but I don’t understand why she goes through with the disrespect they dish out to her
2022-08-09 13:33:04
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Michelle Ward
Very good read! Truly enjoyed the whole book. Felt some chapters could of either been more detailed or longer, but overall, it's a MUST READ!
2022-07-22 22:10:20
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Kamea Rogers
I love this book
2022-07-17 06:59:44
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Xavier's story is out! A Rogue For The Alpha King (✷‿✷)
2022-05-21 15:34:00
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Daii MO
When is book 2 coming out?
2022-05-06 01:51:38
user avatar
Daii MO
2022-05-06 01:50:45
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do you have a title yet for Xavier book?
2022-05-03 17:48:08
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Shelley Harkness
Sorry, I honestly can't read any more. It's unmotivating with such a weak main character. The first few chapters are basically the same she tries to win her mates heart, is then insulted and she goes back to her room. The Convo between characters is very bland. It's all cringy. Best of luck to ya. ...
2022-04-28 11:22:28
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146 Chapters
— Beware... For happiness does not last for eternity. It comes, but when it goes, sadness descends with severity. — Celeste blew out a breath of adoration, eyes trained on the handsome boy standing with a tall masculinity on the podium. His lips were drawn into a thin line, his expression as blank as a sheet of paper and yet his beauty outranked every werewolf standing on the meeting grounds; both men and women. Celeste wasn't sure how he did it, but every single thing he did made her heart flutter and her legs weak. He was the centre of her attention despite the many other people scattered around the vicinity. His eyes... His lips... His body... Every single aspect of him called out to her, but in what way could she respond? Certainly not by confessing that she had many times drooled while watching him and certainly not by hunting him a darn rabbit! But either way she chose to respond, it was no secret that he was out of her league; f
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— Beware of this tricky thing called happiness, for it is the gateway to sadness. — The world before Celeste's eyes had turned upside down. Her life... Her choices... Everything had tilted to the left and Celeste was not grateful to the moon goddess for that. She got her wish, but the odds weren't at all in her favor. Her mate; Zillon Macre wasn't as angelic as he seemed. He was a beast, a man with no conscience, a man without a heart. He treated her as if she was a toilet, but even so, her heart still beated for him. Whenever he was around, her lungs felt as light as a puff of cloud and his scent; it's uniqueness as well as it's sweetness calmed her diligently.The matebond was quite prominent between them, but for the two days that Celeste knew him as her mate, all he kept mentioning was her sister. He didn't see her as his mate, he made that very clear the night he marked her. That night when the orange colour in his eyes had
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— Beware ... They're like two face coins. Not because they smile they're on your side. — Celeste stepped shakily up the stairs. She had long passed her boundaries, and now she resided on Zillon's; on his land, on his porch. She couldn't deny the nervousness that ran through her, she could feel as her heart pumped heavily in her chest, she could even hear it; the quick and dense beats that sounded like fast fleeting footsteps. In deep anxiety, her eyes drifted to the door that stood tall in front of her. Should she knock? She should, shouldn't she? But she couldn't. His scent was as strong as it had been the night he had marked her. The potent scent of lotus flowers and chopped wood. It was maddening, it invoked in her a sense of need; one that had her craving him, his arms that provided security, and his lips that 'should' be able to provide her with words of encouragement, especially after what she withstood on her way here. Her sister's words ha
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Celeste shuffled off of the mattress when she became tired of the hungry howls of her stomach. Night had already dusk and she hadn't eaten anything since she woke up this morning. Her throat was dry, her body empty, even her wolf felt weak, but even still, she was scared of stepping foot down those stairs just so Zillon could degrade her again. She knew that she'd eventually have to, especially if she wanted him to get use to her, to come to love her, but she feare— Celeste shook her head. She couldn't fear the words of her own mate or the the look in his eyes. She had to withstand it, she had to see pass it with a flourishing smile. She was hungry, she'd go down and cook for herself, and cook him something as well. She hadn't heard his room door open since it closed. He was perhaps asleep, but even still, he must be hungry too. Taking a step forward, Celeste sighed. She had to be braver, he was hers, she was his. Despite all the things he said to her, they were
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Celeste skated breathlessly into Zillon's front yard, still wearing the clothing of her wolf's skin. The night had gotten darker, the sun had gone down, and though she had ran to her heart's full content, she still felt like she hadn't done enough. Zillon's words were still engraved in her head. They for one made it hard for her to cut her run short, but sadly, she had to, not because of the matebond, but because of what the elders had once taught her and the other young she-wolves of the pack. No matter what, a newly mated female should return to their mate before 7:00pm. It is said that werewolves were very possessive of their mates, especially the high ranking ones. The elders didn't go in depth as to 'why' as well as 'what' would happen, but she didn't really want to know, because nothing would happen, especially if it concerned her mate. He had said it before, he wanted nothing to do with her, so why would he act out or become possessive when she neglects to com
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Celeste woke up in the middle of the night, awfully hungry after not eating anything at all in the day. The food she had cooked earlier on was probably still in the kitchen, and after heating it up, it would have to cease the growls of her empty stomach. Shuffling off of the bed, she stepped onto the floor, and out the door. Slow and cautious, that's how she walked, not wanting to wake Zillon up if there was a possibility that he was asleep. Her steps took her down the stairs, and though she tried her best to be quiet, each spirally positioned board squeaked as she walked down them. She sighed in relief when she tiptoed down the last one, and straight to the kitchen was where she headed. She could practically hear the night on the outside... The crickets, and the dead silence that lingered behind it. Not even a footstep tainted it, however, she could hear movements in the kitchen. It was probably a rat, but even so, she stayed alert as she shoved the door open.
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Celeste woke up, wholly covered in sweat. Her body, her clothes, the sheets, every single thing was wet. The breeze that floated inside through the windows was cool, yet she felt as though she was living in a furnace. Her skin burnt, but nothing could equate to the heat between her legs. It felt as though she was standing over high, blue flames that licked at her thighs, and at her most private possession. In the pit of her stomach was a need, a certain desperation that called for Zillon, for his touch, for his warmth... But every time she moved to go to him, the heat between her legs would increase. She felt as if she should touch it, or rather he should, and somehow she couldn't come to understand that feeling at all. Twisting on the bed, Celeste trembled when the heat augmented again, it was painful, so much so that she now felt the need to cry, to scream... But with willpower, she withheld, and continued to twist and turn, desperately hoping Zillon wo
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Both Zillon and Celeste turned in the direction of the door, spotting Celia standing right between it. Tears were in her eyes, and at the sight of them, Zillon's eyes changed from orange and back to obsidian. "Celia...? It's not what you think, I swear." He eased away from Celeste, making her wince at the disappearance of his warmth. The heat that had lessened, rose again, and she grunted, eyes pitifully watching as he went straight to her twin sister, wiping away the tears that tainted her cheeks. "I'm so sorry baby." He muttered to her. "You said you wouldn't, you promised, and yet you did." " wolf was in control, she's in heat, that's why." "Is that why you're aroused, why you were all over her, wh—" "Celia, you have to understand, she's my mate, it's almost instinct to touch her, especially if she's in heat." "Then what about me? Is it instinct to touch me too?" "Yes babe." "Then touch me now." "Bu—" "P...please....I...Please..."
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It was in the late afternoon when Celeste decided it was time to cook, now that Zillon and Celia came down. Celeste was wearing her clothes from yesterday and Zillon was only in a shorts, no shirt, no shoes. His six pack was on full display and even though Celeste found it comforting to look, she glanced away. "What are you doing down here?" She almost jumped at the sound of the voice, it sounded so different than it did last night when he was speaking to Celia. "I...uh...I was going to cook." "Get out, Celia was just about to do that." Celeste abruptly turned to look at him. "But I—" "Get out Celeste." Pain registered in her heart and just when tears were about to prick her eyes, Celia spoke up. "What are you doing Zillon? Is this how you treat my sister? We'll cook together, nothing's wrong with that." "But you sai—" "It's okay now, babe. I was just angry last night, you can go upstairs, when we're finished, I'll call you." Zillon nodded
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Celeste stayed in her room until Celia's scent became faint. She was as hungry as a beggar on the street, but she'd rather starve than eat what Celia had prepared. So she waited until her twin sister left, and now as she tiptoed down the hall, she could only wish that Zillon had left too. But alas, he was somewhere downstairs, she knew. His scent was prominent enough to have the matebond twisting like wires in her tummy. As always, her first instincts was to go to him, but she ignore it and instead walked down the wooden stairs, lodging herself in the kitchen. She searched the cabinets, looking for something easy to cook. What she found were instant noodles and she didn't hesitate to tug one out and place it on the marble counter. She put some water to boil and as soon as it did, she threw the noodle inside and leant against the wall, waiting for it to cook. "Instant noodles, huh? After refusing the food your kindhearted sister offered you, you're in here cooking
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