Young master


"Shit, idiot!" muttered Jack Catwalk to himself. The tall, skinny man was silent for a moment.

Albert Tones regretted and cursed in his heart, when he saw Khan Tones retreat regularly, and seemed not to feel that he had done anything wrong.

"Ahem, a real man, who upholds self-respect, will not deny his words. Because, from men who are held are his words."

Esmeralda said triumphantly.

"Hello." A beautiful woman with long wavy brown hair smiled, as she approached the four of them, who were the center of attention.

"Miss Wage, you came to my party? It's an honor for me," said Albert in awe.

Jose Wage, is a beautiful woman, who owns the biggest import goods business in this Monarchy city.

The woman smiled, then turned to Jeremy.

"You, Jeremy Mose?" the woman asked, smiling.

"Ahem, Miss Wage, please ignore him, just a loser to enter the Tones family's life," said Khan Tones, who suddenly drew b

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