Rogue's Innocent Slave

Rogue's Innocent Slave

By:  TrashInLove  Completed
Language: English
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A story about a ruthless rogue and his human slave. "Y-You said I am j-just a slave." She finally let out staring at him through her teary gaze. But the ruthless beast infront of her just smirked at her. "Yes you are. My Slave. And you will do as I say." She shook her head taking a step back making him glare at her. "So you wouldn't listen huh." She gulped clutching her clothes. "Obey your master Slave!" She flinched hearing a low growl from him. When she didn't make a move he slapped the sofa's arms standing up from it glaring at her. "Don't make me repeat Slave! I SAID STRIP!"

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56 Chapters
Author Pov"Uncle I will just go and get water from the valley you know we need it right." The girl with bright blue eyes said to her uncle who sighed heavily."But my daughter you know it's not good for you to go there alone. It's almost night I can't risk it." The girl was ready to protest but stopped hearing a familiar voice."That's fine, father I will go with her." She smiled at the young man who was of the same age as hers.The old man had no other choice but to allow them after all they needed water and they couldn't wait till the morning. Being in a small village it was hard to find water easily that's why even though the valley's water wasn't that hygienic but they had no choice but to use it.Fleur Blake. 19 years old young woman. She lost her parents in her childhood. She was lucky enough that her father's brother was generous enough to not give up on her and brought her to his house. Her uncle's wife was also really a good woman and she treated Fleur like her own daughter
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Author PovGabriel gritted his teeth feeling tons of pain bursting all over his body. He slowly opened his eyes only to come face to face with the dark ceiling. He blinked a few times before looking around him."Fuck!" He cursed under his breath feeling a sharp pain in his stomach. He stayed laying on the small bed remembering everything that happened before he lost consciousness.A fight with Ezekiel. Being thrown off the bridge and then being stabbed by a sharp rock. He wasn't expecting to find himself laying on someone's bed and also being dressed up after waking up. It was obvious that Ezekiel did try to end him but he forgot the fact that killing a werewolf is not that easy. Especially when the werewolf is a hybrid.Gabriel was a blood of a witch and a werewolf that's why he had witch's powers as well. He could heal himself but right now he was more surprised by the fact that someone tried to help him.He held the blanket that was covering him and pulled it near his nose. He snif
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Author PovFleur's eyes widened in shock when she found familiar scary grey eyes staring at her. She unconsciously stumbled back as she tried taking a few steps back. But in doing so she lost her balance and was about to fall on her back in the water.She closed shut her eyes waiting for the water to submerge her but instead she felt a strong bulky arm being wrapped around her tiny waist pulling her back forward. Her wet chest slightly brushed against his bare ones.She snapped her eyes open meeting with his hazy ones. Something about his eyes tonight was different. He never looked at her in that way before. For the past week he has been living with them, he kept a reasonable distance between them but today seeing him this much closer to her made her nervous.Her hands unconsciously were holding his bare shoulders to save herself from falling. Gabriel's eyes flickered watching the water drops dripping down her cheeks to her lips. He gulped at the sight.He wouldn't deny she was beauti
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Author Pov"Here are your medicines," Fleur said as she gave the glass of water to her uncle who obediently took the medicines."Fleur, sit here I want to talk to you." He said making her frown. She silently took a seat in front of him staring at him with a frown. "Last time when Ken came to meet me. He gave me a proposal." Fleur shifted uncomfortably as she knew where this conversation was going.Ken liked her a lot and he had proposed to her once as well but Fleur never felt the same and politely refused him. She knew Ken was far better financially as compared to them and could provide her a better life but she just couldn't get herself to like him."Uncle." Her uncle held his hand up."I know Fleur you don't feel the same as him. But look at me. There is no guarantee for my life. I might die the next second." "Uncle." She said looking at him with sad eyes making him chuckle."That's the truth, Fleur. And I want to secure your future before leaving you. Kai is a man he can take ca
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Author PovFleur threw her arms around Kai's neck crying bitterly while Kai cried silently. He closed his eyes caressing Fleur's head softly as she cried loudly burying her face in his crook."Fleur calm down! If you keep on crying like this you will get sick." He said caressing her hair but she only cried and cried at the loss both were suffering.It had been two days since Gabriel left and last night her Uncle's condition became extremely bad and at last, he lost his life. They buried him and Kai came back after burying his father only for Fleur to hug him and cry her heart out.After some time they both calmed down and tried their best to accept the reality that their father figure wasn't with them anymore. Fleur felt another tear trailing down her eyes as she turned the stove off grabbing two cups and filling them with the tea she made.Grabbing the cups she walked out finding Kai sitting on the chair staring at his father's bed with sad bloodshot eyes. She sighed approaching him
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Author Pov"Fleur." A familiar voice entered her ears making her turn around only to find Ken standing there smiling at her.Placing the bucket in which she was gathering the water on the ground before wiping her hands with the cloth dangling on the side of her dress. She turned her body to him as he approached her."How are you?" It's been two days since she lost her uncle. It was hard to move on but she was eventually doing so. Nodding her head at him she kept her blank face at bay."I am fine. What about you?" He replied positively and they both talked for a while more like Ken questioned her and she kept on answering him. He could see she was still sad about losing her uncle but what he wanted to talk to her about was important.Mustering some strength he opened his mouth. "I was thinking about our marriage." She looked at him blinking her eyes." What about it?" She mumbled making him sigh."I want to get married to you as soon as possible. I want to marry you in a week." Her eye
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Author PovGabriel moved the sharper over his sword sitting on the sofa of his chamber. He was wearing a loose Black shirt slightly revealing his chest. While his legs were covered with tight black pants along with his feet which were hidden in long boots reaching his ankles.Soon the door of his chamber opened revealing his general who kneeled before him with respect before again standing up on his feet. Gabriel stayed oblivious of his presence and kept his attention fixed on his sword."My Lord, our army is ready we are heading to the village. I wanted to ask you." General licked his lips gulping down. He has never even bait his eyes complying with the king's order before. But today he just couldn't get himself to do as the king was asking him to."Do you really want me to kill everyone?" Gabriel's lips curved up into an evil smirk as he didn't look in his way but instead threw a question in return."Why? Do you want me to spare Kai?" General's eyes flickered in surprise hearing his
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Author Pov"My Lord, everything has been done according to your command," Gabriel smirked as his exercise halted in the middle. He sit up on the concreted floor as he stopped doing push-ups. Grabbing the bottle of water he started soaking his dry throat."Where is she?" His thick breathy voice entered Victor's ears who nodded his head."She's in the basement locked as per your order." Gabriel hummed standing up from the floor."You can take Kai with you as you want. And for that girl." He paused as his evil eyes turned dark with rage and hate."Ask Rylie to give her chores. Remember to give her instructions that human girl shouldn't be harmed physically otherwise she will have to face me." Victor bowed his head and kneeled before him when Gabriel walked out of the place.Gabriel was half naked as he was exercising in the practice area in the backyard. It's been a while since he did an exercise from the time he returned. Even the time of his stay in the village he didn't much exercise
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Author PovFleur frowned watching the dishes in front of her. Well, the dirty dishes, the woman who came to her yesterday in the early and harshly woke her up assigning her multiple chores. Fleur was never used to doing her chores at someone's dictation. She liked doing house chores on her own. And even Kai and her uncle used to help her but here.Not even a single person was there to help her. She was given the work and she has to do it alone. There were many servants in the castle yet the woman was giving her work to do it all alone which she has no idea why? It almost felt like the woman was doing it on purpose. It felt like someone was trying to torture her on purpose. But who? And why? In her whole life, she never for once offended someone then why?Sighing tiredly she started washing the dishes before one of the girl servants finally came closer to her. "Hey, do you need any help?" The girl said making Fleur stare at her for a few seconds."Will it be fine?" The girl smiled at h
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Author PovFleur was busy sweeping the floor of the vast hallway when the same girl from last night approached her. Fleur looked at her and gave her a small smile which she reciprocated. "Hey, how are you? Rylie didn't punish you because of me right?" Bailey questioned Fleur who shook her head."No, she didn't." She replied before getting busy with her work. Bailey tried to help her but Fleur refused her."Don't. She will again scold you or might even punish you for disobeying her." She mumbled making Bailey pout nodding her head.A few minutes passed away in complete silence with Bailey staring at Fleur who was busy with her work. She couldn't understand why the king even saved her in the first place when he was going to put her through this much tough life. Werewolves are used to this kind of tasks. They don't get tired easily but for humans, this much work is tiring. At the end of the day, Fleur looked like she will faint anytime because of exhaustion. Humans have extremely low s
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