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Oh my, oh my, but have you ever heard the tale of Aphrodite: the Black Star and her beloved, Abigor?

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Lisa D
Great read until the last chapter. The ending was extremely disappointing!!
2022-01-07 17:36:53
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Margarita Guzman
Such a dark and twisted love story. I was totally hooked and couldn't stop reading.
2021-12-22 14:26:00
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Julia Nora
enjoyed this book a lot. i wanna know do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 14:33:43
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Grim Reaper
interesting read
2022-01-01 20:18:07
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Before I begin the tale, let us bow our heads or raise our hands. Whatever your belief, close your eyes even for a minute and pray to be guided, and pray to never be as deceived and misled as Aphrodite got deluded.  Turn around now, leave this book behind and never open it again for it is bad luck on your soul.  It has been foretold that once you begin to read the tale of Aphrodite you are unable to stop until the very end.  If you are still reading, I say you are either very brave or very stupid. I pray for you...  May God have mercy on your soul She had skin as dark as midnight when the moon is covered by dark night clouds; her skin is as dark as midnight when not a single star is
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Chapter 2
 I am of a slave, but not the slave that you may think of. My mother was of slave, but she had become famous because of her extremely attractive facial features. People would travel far and wide to see of the dark skinned woman, with skin as dark as the devil. It was believed she was far too beautiful and therefore she was thought of as supernatural and not human. She was kept in cages, and viewed at art shows and lavish royal dinner parties and masquerades. She was a prize that her master had spent very good money on. Her master became famous and wealthy because of her, since people would pay any amount due to set their eyes on her in her locked cage, but time is a force and soon my mother was no longer the 16 year old or the youth age of 25 anymore, and soon enough she'd lose her beauty, wither and die. And then what will her master do? He could not let this happen.
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Chapter 3
I was sitting in my carriage, listening to the wild loud trot of my horses as I was led through the town. I looked outside, watching the people we strode by before I looked at Lydia, "these people, Lydia, why do they keep looking and waving at the carriage?" I asked her. "Because they know it is you," she answered me as she sat her hands delicately in her lap, sitting in the far corner of the carriage and I frowned at that. She was not just a servant, and she was not just my lady in waiting, she was my only friend. "Lydia, what have I told you?" I warned her, and she scooted out of the corner, immediately relaxing against the plush soft seats. "Are you not nervous, Aphrodite?" she asked me and I looked back outside, watching the children run along the side of the carriage until they could not keep up. "Being nervous is a positive thing," I responded, "I shall do my best to-
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Chapter 4
"You need to rest," Lydia told me kindly as she tucked me into my bed and I sighed, enjoying the feel of the thick sheets around me that gave me warmth, "sleep well," she wished and I watched as she walked out of my chambers and closed the door behind her.  When I was sure that she would not come back, I took my hands out from under the blanket, revealing the daffodil I still held in my hand.  I felt a smile slowly grow as I looked at the slowly wilting flower, thinking of the messy brown haired green eyed mischievous boy.  Sebastian, he said his name was.  I put the daffodil to my nose, taking in the smell. It is the first gift I have ever received from any man or person besides Master Abigor.  I did not have any friends nor any admirers so my heart skipped a beat as I thought of the good looking youthful gentleman who had gifted me this flower. I
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Chapter 5
"God has truly favoured me," Sebastien said as I emerged from behind the curtain, but this time I did not jump from surprise. This time, I looked up at him, fighting a smile. "Do you make it a habit to sneak from behind curtains in theatres, Sebastian?" I asked him, watching as he took off his hat once again. His hat covered his face for a second before he slid it down to his chest, but between his teeth was a single red rose. I smiled, unable to contain it as he removed the rose from his teeth and then looked at me, handing it to me with an over dramatic bow, "for the Goddess," he told me as I took the rose from him. "I thank you, Sebastian," I said kindly as I held the rose, smiling down at it, "but I must get going," I said to him, afraid of getting into trouble with Lydia since she had seemed displeased when she found the daffodil.
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Chapter 6
I was frozen and still in shock about what happened the previous night. I could feel Master's terrifyingly cold hand wrapped around my neck. It was almost as though he had not stopped choking me and with each breath, I flinched in fear. I sat in the tub, letting Lydia wash me. She was silent, not bothering to ask what the matter could be. She most probably has an inkling about what happened, either that or she suspects that something went terribly wrong with Master the previous night. Whatever the case may be, I am relieved that she has not asked me what had occurred. I wanted to keep what happened to myself. I was also fearful; had I angered Master that much? Will he sell me off? Whip me like so many masters do to their slaves? I know what the world is like outside these mansion walls that Master Abigor has kept me protected in. The realization
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Chapter 7
After the performance, at the sound of the outrageous applause I made my way backstage. I walked down the stairs and as I turned the corner, Master Abigor was awaiting me. I walked up to him and accepted his arm, resting my hand casually and as ladylike as I could. My heart pounded against my chest and I feared that he could hear it and it might anger him. "Master Abigor," I paused as I looked up at him but he did not stop walking, he gently pulled me along and I glided on the ground, almost as though my feet were not touching it, "I must apologize for what happened. I seek your forgiveness, Master." He slowly turned his neck, his face looking down at me and I sucked in a breath, forgetting how enchanting his eyes really were. They sucked me into a deep and dark world, "you are to ride with me to-night," he simply responded, And when I looked to the carriage, I noticed that it was not my carriage. My carriage was a gold, led by white S
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Chapter 8
I have seen the garden plentiful times, I just have not ever cared to delve deeper into the flowers. I found them beautiful, yes, I enjoyed looking at them and then getting lost in thought. I felt as though I were walking around in heaven. Master Abigor's manor spans out as wide as the eye can see and around the Victorian styled mansion covered in green vines growing on the stone walls, was the gardens and beautifully green grass. There were flowers of every colour and every kind. It was breath taking. It was late at night and I was supposed to be in bed at this time, getting what Lydia called, beauty sleep. Yet I was outside, walking around the gardens looking at each flower. I did not see flowers that I was used to. There was not a single daffodil, there were only flowers that I could not name. These flowers had to be rare, I was certain of it. They were almost daunting to look at, looking at
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Chapter 9
I was shaken up following my conversation with my Master. I could still feel his hands on my thigh. The tight grip of his cold hand on my warm and dark thigh was driving me insane. My stomach tightened into knots as I remembered what he had growled so savagely into my ear. There was a strange feeling in between my legs, one that I did not understand, but it came as a result of his words. Master Abigor was sinful. That, I stand by. The man was made of sin, he was covered in sin- he was sin, that is all that I can say. "Are you relieved that you have no more singing concerts for the rest of this month?" Lydia asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts. She along with my ladies in waiting were dressing me and getting me ready for the day. To-day was only supposed to be a day of relaxation but Master Abigor wished me to attend some special occasion, so
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Chapter 10
When I arrived, the first face that my eyes laid upon was Master Abigor's. He held out his hand for me to accept and I gladly accepted it, as I always do. I stepped down and he stepped back, creating distance between us because of the big dress. His eyes looked me over, "you look glamorous, Aphrodite," he told me and I smiled at the compliment. "Only the best for you, Master Abigor," I responded as I looked around. A red carpet was stretched out from my carriage leading to the inside of the castle like mansion that I was sure belonged to a royal. There were several carriages lined up, "what are we attending, Master?" I asked him. I do not usually ask him such, but because I feel much more acquainted with him, I hope he does not mind the question. "Duke Barclay is having a birthday celebration," Master answered me, as we neared the huge doors that were heavily guarded, "you know the rules, Aphro
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