How It All Went Down-1

"Kill them!"

In the spur of the moment, Katie quickly shoved her thoughts aside and released the last arrow in Sarah's direction. But unfortunately, before she could even see where her decision would take them, the life slowly left her blue eyes and she fell flat against the floor.

Following her sudden death, the shifted wolf latched it's teeth into Damon's skin, drawing lines and lines of blood through the deeply punctured wounds. With no one there to stop the flow of blood, Damon's sheer will was only able to keep him conscious for so long...and the sad part was the fact that if he even moved an inch while trying to defend himself, he'd only make it worse....or even end up aiding his own death.

On the other hand, Kevin staggered back and gripped his chest when the arrow pierced through him and caused wolvesbane to circulate through his veins. Pain like no other scourged his being and in response, his body weakened drast
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