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Claimed By Him
Sarah twisted and turned on the cold concrete floor, trying in vain to get comfy enough to fall asleep. She had been living in this very dungeon for five years and yet she still couldn't get used to the funky scent and the crappy food and neither could she stand sleeping on the spiky floor. She had cramps all over and her neck felt as if it was falling off her shoulders. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to try and elevate her head using the small, rusty plate she had been fed in not too long ago.As Sarah tried to bear through her everlasting torture, a loud beating against metal sounded then someone spoke loudly, the voice belonging to none other than Mr. Knack; the owner of the Human Trade branch she was currently residing at. "Today's your lucky day, sluts. The mighty Damon Kalesto--" He stretched the word 'mighty' with thick malice as his heavy footsteps resounded through the dark dungeon, striking fear into all who heard him approaching. " coming to get himself anoth
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New Home
Damon Kalesto was sitting on a small stool in his living room. His eyes were glued to something or rather someone who had taken his breath away in one swift motion. He studied her every feature, from the long lashes on her eyelids down to the almost unnoticeable pimple at the side of her lips. He knew that it was a creepy thing to do, but he couldn't help himself. She was just too beautiful not to admire.He noticed everything including how her small, button nose twitched whenever she shifted and how her lips protruded into a pout every once in a while....his eyes caught every single detail and imprinted it all in his mind. Everything about her, he wanted to know. Everything she did before she met him, he wanted to know. Everything...just everything.He had been entrapped since the very moment he laid eyes on her. Her blue eyes had pulled him in with ease and he fell deep into her abysses. He knew exactly what that dazed, inebriated feeling meant...she was his mate.<
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Weird Experiences
 Damon pressed his finger to her lips, halting her rant immediately. "You are here because I chose you. From now on, you are my possession, mine to keep and mine to protect. You will stay by my side, Sarah...where my eyes can always reach you."Those words jogged back memories that made her stiffen as confusion logged itself deep within her soul. Everything that he said just now contradicted everything that she heard from everyone else. Protect? Damon Kalesto aka the Alpha King, doesn't protect anyone. All he does is kill, kill and kill.She knew that for sure because a few months back, some newcomers at the dungeon had been gossiping about how ruthless he was. And judging by all that they had said, being around him right now was not a good idea.'At the time when werewolves took full authority over humans, they all voted for an Alpha that everyone thought would be suitable for the job. But that chosen Alpha King isn't the one of merit no
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Unexpected Companions
 Sarah's feet led her to nowhere other than the kitchen. Her stomach felt as if someone had dug a knife through her. Excruciating hunger wasn't a new feeling, but since she had the chance now, why not quench it?She first opened all the cupboards then with a slow trudge, she walked towards the fridge and grasped the handle. Its sleek black colour and expensive-look, made her pull softly so as to not damage it. The range of foods that greeted her eyes after doing so, were like a dashing ray of sunshine in a place that only knew darkness. There were things that she rarely ever saw much less ate and other things that she was used to seeing rotten rather than fresh.With so many things to chose from, her indecision had aroused quickly. Each time her hand reached for something, it would change direction and go for another that seemed more appealing. Frankly, she wanted to taste a bit of everything, but she didn't bother to touch things like eggs and meat which
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His True Face
Damon's fingers gripped her shoulders tightly, holding her against his chest. As a result of their proximity, Sarah felt his heart beating against her back but she failed to notice that the intervals between each heartbeat lessened as time passed. Before they could get too engrossed in each others warmth, Damon tightened his hold on her shoulders and easily lifted her into the air then swivelled on his feet and dropped her behind him. Sarah stiffened and stood silently in place like a statue even when he placed her feet against the floor. She was too overwhelmed by both her near death experience and Damon's abrupt appearance. "Alexis, I suppose you can tell me what's going on here?" Damon boomed, facing the three girls that had been rendered dumb by the power of fear. Alexis who was under the impression that Sarah fell because she poked her, flinched as her face drained of colour. Guilt didn't run through her despite her thoughts, she was simply scared for he
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Running Away from Damon's wrath
When Sarah awoke the next morning, she wasn't on the floor like she had expected, instead, she was lying on a comfy, Queen-sized bed with a fluffy pillow beneath her head and a blue duvet covering from her feet up to her mid-waist. This was probably the reason why she had felt so comfortable in her sleep. Her body wasn't cramping everywhere and she hadn't even stirred awake during the night like she always did whenever she slept in her cell.It had been years since she had even seen a bed, so saying it felt good to have slept on one, would be an understatement. But how did she get on the bed? It couldn't have been Damon who relocated her, could it?She shook her head at the thought. It wasn't him. He wasn't that gracious at all.She tossed that possibility aside and jumped to the conclusion that maybe one of the girls had placed her there to soothe their guilt. After what Damon did last night, there wasn't the slightest possibility that he woul
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Alone With Damon Kalesto
"Don't you dare take another step further."Damon's voice boomed off the walls and temporarily pinned Sarah's feet to the ground. Her heart nearly leaped through her chest. Damon was now up and ready to unleash his impending wrath. If she didn't run away now then she was surely going to get it. Her left foot just needed to slide a little bit further backwards and then she would've defied his orders. But despite the prominent urge to do, Sarah chose to do the opposite that would probably give her less pain.She gulped thickly and willed her heart to slow down the pace of its beating before she took shaky steps forward and landed herself at the other far end of the table. Licking her lips, she drew out the chair and slowly took a seat but the moment her butt touched the wooden chair, Haguy and Trixie took a downcast glance at her. Sarah had no idea why, but their eyes were filled with hatred, pure hatred. Last night when they had their disagreements, it didn't lo
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His Weakness
"Kiss her." "Kiss her." "Kiss her." Damon's eyes couldn't cast away from her lips, his brain had long ceased its normal functioning and to make things worst, his wolf counterpart was pushing forward, trying to force himself to the forefront of his mind. "If t-that's true t-then----then w-what did y-you mean when y-you s-said you'd 'deal w-with me'?" Sarah was expectantly staring up at him, desperately waiting for a valid response to her question. However, Damon hadn't replied....and it didn't seem to Sarah like he was going to anytime soon. He wasn't even focused on what she was saying, instead, he was focused on something else, something that made Sarah's cheeks instantly go red....her lips. He wasn't about to do what she thought he was about to do, right? He answered her question when he began to lean forward, hazel eyes clouded over with an emotion that wa
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Damon's Tantrum
For the rest of the day after their little episode, Damon didn't return home. Aside from herself, the whole mansion was only occupied by Trixie and Haguy, though considering those two as companions would be invalid since they mostly acted as if she didn't exist. It was at that point in time that Sarah realized the absence of helpers. Damon was the Alpha King, it's only right that he has helpers to do everything he, cooking and so on. But oddly, he didn't have any.Damon Kalesto was certainly a complete mystery.When the next day came, Damon was still nowhere to be seen...and though Sarah didn't really care all that much about Alexis specifically, she still noticed that she hadn't returned from wherever she had disappeared to either. Every time she thought about really sat down and thought about it, that awful coincidence brought a very disturbing doubt
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Sarah yawned openly, stretched her arms then flew upwards in the bed with a large smile on her face. The sun was shining mightily in the sky, the birds were chirping their sweet songs and as for Sarah, you could say she was in a VERY good mood. Ever since that little talk Damon had with her yesterday, she had been going around everywhere with a slight happy skip to her movements. For some reason, his words had made her feel unusually good. First, he made it known that he wanted her to soften up to him and then, he made it known that he wanted to get closer to her. The difference between the two was hard to realize, but Sarah knew exactly what separated them. When he insinuated that he wanted her to soften up to him, she wasn't really sure if he actually meant exactly that, but when he said he wanted her to act naturally around him, she was entirely sure of it. Damon Kalesto was actually interested in her...who would've thought? 
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