Chapter 8, Cold Shoulders

When Kayla arrived at school the next day, she immediately started searching Lucas out with her eyes. She was so excited and couldn't wait to see him but she told herself that she was not going to show him all of the excitement that she was feeling about him when she saw him. Where did her pride go? Of course she wasn't going to let him know that she had been thinking of him all through the night and that he was the reason she could barely sleep last night and also why she was so excited about getting up from the bed this morning. Kayla scanned the car park with her eyes immediately Mitchel dropped her off and drove away. She couldn't see Lucas's car. Maybe he wasn't in school yet. After all, she was early. He'll probably drive in any moment from now, Kayla thought as she strolled towards the school building. It wasn't like she wanted him to catch her just standing there in the car park waiting for him. She saw Charlotte coming from a distance as she was about to enter the building. Sh
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