Chapter 8


Watching carefully from a distance I see Ella hop in her beat-up truck. The engine lets out a horrible sound and I know that it won’t turn over. She hops out and pops the hood. Tucking her bottom lip between her teeth she stares blankly at the engine. After grumbling to someone on the phone she slams the hood of the truck down and makes her way into the trees behind the bar. Constantly checking her surroundings I have to make sure to stay in the shadows as much as possible as I follow her closely.

Dropping her bag at her feet she pulls off her jacket and stuffs it inside. Giving the woods a final look around she begins to strip off her shirt and jeans. All that she has left on her body is a matching black lacy bra and thong set. The sight of her round ass poking up in the air as she stuffs the rest of her clothes into her bag causes me to take an involuntary step in her direction. A twig snaps under my feet and her eyes fly in my direction. I know she ca
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