Chapter 41

When she turned her head, she was surprised to see an astonished Lester standing behind her.

Lester was also surprised to see Shyla in front of him. A few seconds later, Lester was the first person to gather himself and gently embraced Shyla.

Lester: "Shyla! you are here! What are you doing in the hospital? Why are you standing here?" he asked nonstop. After one second, "Ooooh! Are you here to see Nolan?" he said teasingly. "Then what are you waiting for?" he said.

Shyla: "Lester, if you would at least give me a chance to talk, then I'll explain. Don't you think what I said is true?" she said while sighing.

Lester: "Sorry.. Sorry... now tell me, what are you doing in the hospital?" he asked again.

Shyla: "Lester! I am here for my monthly checkup. But, as I was getting off the taxi in front of the hospital, I was shocked to see Ekta coming out of the hospital. Without minding it, I entered the hospital. And I saw Shaan again, then he told me that Nolan had been admitted to the hos
Alina Neel

I am really really sorry guys.

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Rani Arinto
please update
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Crystal Paprock
I thought I read this story before and it had an ending. A good HEA one.
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Noooo say it ain’t so. I’m invested now.
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