Time seems to be moving faster than usual, maybe this is so because I am still floating about my new reality unable to fully comprehend what is happening.

 The mansion we were taken to has to be one of the most beautiful and fanciest I have ever stepped foot in.

  It’s exquisite and Lavish interior décor had me wondering who it was that lived here. Old fashioned Lamp attached to Lamp holders stand in most corners of the room. Even though most if not all of the lamps were turned off, the house was lit by mini sized chandeliers at top corners of the ceiling.

  And the leather furniture had a nice feel to them. The house is classy and beautiful period.

  My room looks like a princess’s room. It has a king sized four poster bed, it’s walls are painted pink and a large balcony.

  The whole town seems to be dark and asleep.

What do i call it? A town? A village? A werewolf city? Grandma’s story comes back rushing to my head.

The horrible story I was told hours ago. It was supposed to make me understand better but it had been more confusing and way scarier than i had imagined.

‘I should have told her a long time ago.’ She had told Sheryl and Kelt while seeing them off to their car after we had settled in. ' She's a really sweet girl she's just confused.' 

She had said this to offer an apology on my behalf for ignoring some of Sheryl's chatty statements.

‘Have a good night Joan.’ Sheryl had said taking grandma’s hands in her as a way of support then she waved at me before entering the car and driving off.

 I had not waved back or said much as a matter of fact and as I kept being quiet and nonchalant to Grandma’s excitement and bubbly character she decided it was better she explained to me.

   ‘I don’t think I can do whatever they want me to do, Grandma.’ I told her after hearing the story. It is outrageous that I am expected to fight an immortal and dark hearted Alpha X. I have only watched those in movies, I am nothing but a cheerleader who loves ice cream and shopping and reading blogs on the internet.

  Not some chosen war hero or werewolf or whatever.

 Grandma had sighed. ‘I thought that too.’ She told me taking my hand in hers. ‘Look Annie, the day I left Silverwoods with you in my arms, running scared for both our lives. That day I thought I would never see silverwoods again or any of my pack members or any werewolf at all to be fair. I thought that this world was over for me and so was my life as a werewolf.’ She paused for a second and then continues. ‘When the dark alpha, X steps his foot into a pack community, he wipes it all out. Razes it all to the ground, takes the lives of everything. I was well aware that your parents had a plan, aware that intended for you to return and save your people but I never thought to bring you back. I thought the plan might fail and that Silverwoods will be long gone.’

  She gave my hand a squeeze and added. ‘But look, their plan worked. They gave up their lives for us all and with the hope that you will face Alpha X. They believed in you and so do I.’ she said firmly and with so much joy in her eyes.

  I did not say much after that asides ME mumbling that I felt tired and I needed to retire to my room to rest.

  I had no intention of resting of course and I have been lounging about the balcony starring at the lit town and its beauty. I decide to maybe take a walk around and without thinking twice, I quietly sneak out of my room and out of the house.

 I know grandma is fast asleep and won’t suspect if I am gone for a couple of minutes. As I take the sidewalk and start strolling, a little bit of fear grips me at first. Then I relax, nothing bad happens here Sheryl had said when she had suggested to me to take a walk if I needed to calm things down.

‘It is safe.’ She had said.

‘For now, Until the Dark Alpha returns.’ Kelt had added with a laugh walking past us.

 So, I keep walking. Silverwoods looks beautiful and it is still night time, I could not wait for the view of the town during the day. There were old fashiones lamps lit on the sidewalks.

   The town is so quiet and it feels like I am in a story book, a fairy tale story. I get to an opened space which looks like a little field. I turn on my turn on my phone flashlight to be sure there are no crawlies around.

 I sit on the grass and I heave a heavy sigh of relief. It feels so peaceful. I stretch my neck to look around to be sure I am not lost, and sure enough I can see the mansion with my room balcony a few miles away.

  Then just as I am enjoying a relaxed feeling, I notice something in the bushes with dark eyes starring at me. Before I can think of anything more, an unbelievablly large shiny dark wolf jumps out of the bushes and to me. I want to let out a scream but I am too shocked to move so I just shut my eyes and I can feel my body trembling.

I don’t want to die like this. I don’t want to die now. I don’t want to die either. Why did I leave the house? Why did I believe that a cursed werewolf town could be safe? Is this Alpha X? Has he known that I am back and is already here to finish me and the pack off.

 I hear someone burst into laughter and with my heart still racing I slowly open my eyes.

 A tall dark guy stands in front of me and he has stopped laughing and is smirking now instead.

I gather my composure and get to my feet.

‘Where’s the wolf?’ I ask looking around still scared. I am sure it is till here somewhere.

‘What wolf?’ The stranger asks looking fascinated. I calm down for a minute and realize that he must be the large dark wolf.

 I walk past him and starts walking home but before I get onto the side walk, the stranger is already standing in front of me.

‘Please let me go.’ I say calmly walking around him and carry on walking. But not long after and he is in front of me again. I can literally feel all the sweat coming from my palm. 

How did he do that? Did he just appear?

‘Don’t make me scream!’ I warn him waving a finger at him

‘Don’t worry, I am not going to eat you.’

Oh My God.

‘Look just leave me alone okay?’ I say and try to walk around him again. This time he blocks my movement.

‘No.’ He says simply and folds his arms as if to say I could do nothing.

‘Let me go.’ I warn, i know it is best to act in a challenging way annd not half as scared as i am right now. Who is this and what does he want?

'I said let me go.' I say increasing my tone.

‘No, Annie. I won’t let you go.’

He knows my name even!

‘Now what are you going to do about it?’ He says in a challenging voice.

I know I am scared, mainly because I do not know who this and I am in an unfamiliar environment. The mansion is just ahead. I take a deep breath and swiftly strike the stranger with a kick in between his legs. I don’t even wait to see his reaction. I dash off as quickly as I can and I don’t stop running till my room door is locked around me. I rush to the balcony with my heart still racing out of fear. I look out but I don’t see the stranger on the street anymore.

  Oh my God! He might be coming here now!

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