Her decision, her regret

A day turned into weeks Charlene left home against her parent's will, and since none of them supported her decision, they all wanted her to give their marriage a second chance which she was ready to let go. Charlene only informed her parents she was going on a vacation and that she needed some time to clear her head. Ever since she left home they hadn't heard from her, and Charles was unable to get in touch with her.

On the other hand, Richard was bothered because it had been weeks since he heard from her. At first, he wanted to respect her decision to go on vacation, but right now he couldn't do it anymore. A day after his last conversation with Charlene, he signed the contract to change custody, Miguel was returned to Henrietta as the child had always been her excuse to get close to him, and now that she had him, Richard assumed she would never bother him again.

Luciana and Richard weren't on good terms after the day at the party. Bryant wanted Luciana to apologize to Kathleen for
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