Chapter Eighteen

I woke up to the feeling of someone lightly shaking my shoulder.

I wanted to protest against the touch, refuse to open my eyes, but the shaking was insistent.

"Aria?" a voice called to me.

It was familiar and warm. It sounded like home.

I managed to open my eyes a bit, fighting against the bright artificial light that assaulted me as I did so. But after several seconds of adjusting, I managed to make out the

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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Coonrod
good so far
goodnovel comment avatar
Colleen Ploederl
literally found out about being an alpha's son and a beta's daughter right before the sh*t hit the fan, and didn't even know about the goddess mark until she woke up after...take some responsibility Cai!
goodnovel comment avatar
Paige Keese
Fuuuuuck can’t our girl catch a break!? Like first her mate hates her and kills her. Her one goal to not die almost fails. Then in a coma she has a vision of her new crush Cai killing her! It’s all Thea’s fault pretty sure she is evil/ unnatural like Selene kinda hinted at. Selene, WTF marking her?!

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