Principal's office

Mary Davies

I ducked my head low as I walked through the hall ways, I could feel eyes on me, but I dared not look up. I was an outcast.

Being a nerd in school really sucks, nobody wants to talk to me. I was just a nobody, I realized being a pauper is like having an incurable disease.

Everyone here dresses expensively. But all I wear are clothes my mum got from a thrift store. I'm not complaining, but a tiny part of me still wish I was popular. I wish my mum was rich. Money means having power and I crave power.

I dare not go to the locker room, I dreaded getting bullied and being called a dirty maid. My mum doesn't know I get bullied, she doesn't even know I get molested by her bosses son.

My self esteem has gotten worst. I feel like a loser everytime. I have come to believe I am loser. I have been ridiculed to a crap, belittled and demeaned with very offensive words.

Now, Queen knows there is something going on between Hawk and I. I could tell she was jealous. Only if I could
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