Groped in bed

Erica McKenzie

I felt a tug on my nipples, as a wave of pleasure passed through my veins. Am I having a sex dream. I felt kind of warm, the bed seems to have gotten smaller. I could feel a wall behind my back, then the wall moved closer to me. I realized the wall wasn't an actual wall, it was something more, a body, hard and larger than mine. The warmth I was feeling was from the body behind me.

I shuddered as a hand glided from my stomach to the fullness of my breasts. It cradled my breast as if weighing it, then a thumb traced slowly around my taught nipple. A languid, delicious and sweet sensation sent my head swimming. It felt so good that I didn't want it to stop. Those hands were evoking something strange in me.

It was like I will fall sick if the pleasure stops. The hand slid down to my hip and over the curve of my thigh, I gasped as I felt a finger brush my clits. This can never be a sex dream, cause it felt surreal. The hand caressed my inner thighs, making sure to brush my
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It's out now, search for it again. Sorry about the delay.
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Thanks for the feedback, there's an update in the new book. The Badboy's Obsession. Go and check it out.
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There's a new update, but it's in a different book. The Badboy's Obsession. Thanks for reading.

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