The Badboy Nextdoor

The Badboy Nextdoor

By:  Aliyyah  Completed
Language: English
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Hannah Stone, a seventeen years old highschool student whose mother past away and had to move to New York City with her dad. What she didn't know is that her handsome, careless neighbour is her new school bad boy. What happens when she came face to face with him. Noah Black is an eighteen years old Australian. He is also known as Halloway highschool bad boy based in America. His father is a business tycoon and one of the richest man in the country, he is a per-time boxer. What happens when he finally meet his new neighbour and sees her his worst enemy. I kept on blubbering on how coincidence it is till he slammed me against a locker. My chest started to heave. What did I say? "Look bîtch, stay away from me or my girlfriend. You hurt her feelings and I hate you for that. If I ever find out you hurt her again, I'll make your life a living hell" he spilled out with venomous, Australia accent. He turned around and walk towards the exit. Why did he say that to me? She started it. He's being mean. He's being a bully. Am I suppose to tell someone? Should I tell my dad.

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2024-05-16 06:11:56
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very great book. I had to read the story twice again 🫡
2024-04-13 15:59:02
95 Chapters
Hannah's POVAfter my mother died in a car accident, my dad and I decided to start a new life, so we moved from LA to New York City. My dad sure may have moved on but I know deep down in his heart, he still thinks about her all the time cause he really loves her.I sigh as the driver pulled up front of the new mansion my dad bought, we came out. "Wow, it's really big" I mused. The gate were really high and wide and the fence were plastered with white marbles."Not compared to our new neighborur" my dad replied as his hand gestures to the mansion close to ours."Why does this street has big houses?" I tilted my head back waiting for an answer."Well, this is the rich people street" he replied as he gestures his hands on the air.I looked around the street. "Can we go in now?" I whined. I really want to see the inside, it's so big outside but the inside will always be amazing. He brought out the keys and unlock the gate. "We'll place our thumbprint later" he informed, I nod.We walked i
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My new neighbor
Hannah's POVNew day, new life, new school. Hallway high, it's a private school for mostly rich kids, I heard it's a nice school, actually, I read about it.I sigh as I got out of bed and head into the en suit bathroom. It had a lot of space for nothing, purple tiles on the floor and on the wall, just how I like it. You may think I'm obsesses with purple but it's just my life with BTS.I turned on the bathtub and pour some powder foam into it. I took off my nightwear and undies, I don't sleep with bra, not comfortable. I have really big tits for my age, oh and àss too.For a seventeen years old, I'm not that innocent, I lost my virginity when I was celebrating my seventeenth birthday. Yeah, I had too much to drink. But I don't hide secret so I told my mom and dad.I got into the bathtub and allow my skin to feel the cold water. I pick up a scrubbing sponge and scrubbed my body. I took a bottle of my shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair. When I was done, I headed out and into the sh
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Hannah's POV He stopped in his track, his girlfriend Ashley, looked at him confusingly. I smiled at him then he started to glare at me. I wonder why? Ashley follow his gaze, she looked at me but didn't say anything."Come on babe" she said and that's when he snapped out of his trance and walk over to the guys close to our table."What was that?" Megan asked as she looked at me."What?" I asked, clearly confused about the question."The eye to eye things?" She said, she took a bite from her meat loaf."Oh, he's my neighbour" I chuckled a little as I picked up my chicken."Fûck, he's your neighbour? But the way he looks like it's as if he doesn't like you one bit" she said."Oh, no. I don't think so, maybe he's in a bad mood" I shrug as I took the last bite of my meal. I drank my soda."Sure....... So where did you come from?" She asked."Oh, I came from LA" I replied."You came from LA to New York? Who does that?" She whispered yelled."Well, my mom died and my dad and I wanted to mov
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New girl
Noah's POVHighschool? Crazy. Home? Sèx. Life? Amazing, but not so amazing when she showed up.Monday, a day that's so blue, bright. I stepped into my black Mercedes C300 4matic. I was dressed up with a black shirt and a black leather jacket with a rip black jeans and a high boots. Yeah, black. I'm in gost mode.My parents? Very great and too formal for my likings. Being the son of one of richest man in the country is like living your dreams. My mom on the other hand has her own fashion companies.I sigh as I ignited the engine and took off. I wish I never see that little pûssy again cause she's so annoying. Yeah she's pretty and sexy but I don't care.I head down the road straight to school. I can't wait to see my angel little cute face. Ashley is my girlfriend since I was fifteen years old. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.I headed to the highway down town. I came into the school gate and parked my car at my normal parking spot. I came out and all eyes on me as usual
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Hannah's POVWhen the final bell rang, I stood up and headed out. Megan and I had different classes and she had texted me she had to go home.I came out of the class and walk over to my locker. I unlocked it, picking up my uniform for tomorrow and some textbook for my home work. The hall was empty, meaning everyone had already left.I locked my locker and turned down the hall. I saw Noah coming out of a hall so I ran up to him. "Hey, Noah right?" I asked, no answer as we walked down the locker hall. "I'm Hannah, I can't believe we are neighbours and schoolmates." I exclaimed with a small smile but he didn't pay attention.I kept on blubbering on how coincidence it is till he slammed me against a locker. My chest started to heave. What did I say? "Look bîtch, stay away from me or my girlfriend. You hurt her feelings and I hate you for that. If I ever find out you hurt her again, I'll make your life a living hell" he spilled out with venomous Australia accent.He turned around and walk
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Hannah's POVAfter I was finally dressed, I went downstairs stares for dinner as I couldn't concentrate doing my homework due to the moaning sounds coming from Noah's house.I headed to the living room and my dad was sitting on the sofa. "Hey dad" I said. I wasn't expecting him in the living room watching '13 reasons why' on the TV."Hey honey, come join me, this series is filled with so much emotion." He exclaimed. My dad is a really jovial man, built, handsome that I'm afraid to bring anyone into my house."I've heard of it, what's it about?" I asked him."It's about a girl who committed suicide because she was bullied, rape and she always had everyone's back but no one had hers" he explained. It sounded interesting.We sat there watching it for the past 3 hours and I'm crying. It's really touching and scary. "It's so sad" I sobbed."Honey, it's okay, it's not real but it does happen to teens nowadays that's why you need to be careful" he advised. I nod my head."Okay daddy" I repli
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Sex club
Hannah's POVIt's been three day since the scene that happened. I'm still angry, I have been holding a clutch for three days. But luckily, I'm okay now.Megan couldn't take me to the place due to my leg. It's Friday evening and I just ate dinner. My phone beeped a message. I pick up the phone.{Hey Hannah, are you ready to go tonight? I'll send you the address} Megan texted.{Ok, let me let my dad know I'll be going out tonight and I'll be home late} I informed.{Wear something cute and sexy, you need to get a guy to fûck you up} she teased, I giggled.{Sure} I replied.I dressed into a black bump short and a pure off shoulder. I wore a black and purple converse to go with it. I pick my phone and purse and head down stairs. "Hey dad, uhh, I'm going to a party with a friend" I said as I sight him in his laptop."Don't be home late" he said. Not even sparing me a glance."Kk" I replied before heading out. I got my car and drove off. Megan had already texted me the address. I reached the
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Crazy Friends
Hannah's POVSunday, the most boring day of the week, oh and also spiritual. But today, I'm going out on a date with Zack."Honey, I think we need to go shopping" my dad suggested. "It's been a week since we moved here and we need some things in the house" he said."We can go now if you want" I shrug."Great, I'll grab my wallet" he said as he headed up stairs. "Finish with the cleaning before I get down" he called.Finished cleaning the kitchen. My dad and I headed out. He decided to go with a black SUV. We moved out and drove away. We headed straight downtown."You did well on the laundry" my dad uttered as his eyes were fixed on the road."Uhh, Zack helped me out" I said shyly. He nod in acknowledgement."If it was any other guy, I would have been angry" he spilled.I didn't comment on that. After some minutes, we came to a stop at a super market that says 'mario super market.' My dad and I came out and head for the troller by the way.We entered the market. "I'll take the fruit an
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Who is Vicky
Hannah's POVWe were both seated in the principal's office. No words uttered. I cried silently but I think he can hear me cause he just said. "Why the fûck are you crying?" He uttered.The principal wasn't in right now. "I couldn't believe you would hurt me" I said through sob. I'm very emotional."Well, you shouldn't have done that" is he serious right now?"She called me a fûcking cûnt" I whispered yelled."She wouldn't. I could see you are dating Zack now" he said, he didn't even look at me one bit."Why do you care?" I asked curiously."Cause he's my best friend" he spilled."Wait, do you actually think I could hurt his feelings? I'm not Ashley. She's sleeping with Alex and you have no idea" I yelled."Shut up" he yelled."Why? The truth hurts? It cuts deeper than a knife?" I said."Stop, both of you" we snapped our head towards the principal. "What is wrong with you two?" He asked as he sat down on his seat. "This is inappropriate of you two" he said."The whole school is inappro
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Hannah's POVThe few days were lonely. Max and Megan has been ignoring me all the time. This is Thursday evening and I'm in the kitchen with my dad, I was reading a magazine and my dad was working on his laptop. We instantly heard the door bell rang.How did someone get in, you said? Well, my dad told me all the house hold around here small gates are always open for emergency or visit, except in the night or you ain't home. That explains why Noah's gate is always open.We both looked at each other before walking to the living room and to the door. My dad open the door and my God, isn't he handsome. Mr and Mrs Black, and Noah by their side."Oh, good evening Mr and Mrs Black, it's nice to finally meet you, come in please" my dad said and shake their hands before allowing them to come in. Noah glared at me before walking in."Nice to meet you too. Sorry we have been around lately, this is our son Noah" Mr Black said."Hello Noah, it seems you've met my daughter, Hannah" he said not them
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