Mister Billionaire's Mistake

Mister Billionaire's Mistake

By:  JisatsuNoYuyake  Completed
Language: English
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The young billionaire, Charles Castigado never makes mistakes; not until he met a sophisticating model who gave him a hotel key for a one-night stand. His fun night is fulfilled but when he finally gets a better glimpse of the woman beside him the next morning, he realized he made a huge mistake.

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zarina cagayat
maganda sya kaya lang byad pagbabasa eh kaya hindi ko matapos
2023-04-25 13:02:52
user avatar
it's unfinished, we won't know how the story will end
2023-03-20 06:05:29
user avatar
is there a second book as this one finished in the middle of the stoy
2023-03-19 21:54:35
default avatar
This book is listed as complete but doesn't actually have an ending?!? It's a cliffhanger so I can't recommend it.
2023-03-19 23:03:03
96 Chapters
Chapter 01
 Under the beauty of the blue sky the powerful Felius Castigado stroll around his late wife's huge garden. He is getting too old to be this influential. It is time he picks an heir amongst his grandsons.  "Mr. Andrews," Felius calls his butler. "Please schedule a meeting with my grandsons. It has been a while since I last saw them all together." "Aye, sir. May I ask when and what time, sir?"  "Tell them tomorrow at 8 in the morning, sharp." Yes, that time should be fine. It will allow him to see who takes time seriously between his three grandsons. After all, one of them is still a bit childish. 
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Chapter 02
What Charles thought would be a quick hangout with his cousins turned into a whole day outing. It didn't end there, Jason brought them to a yacht party during the evening. Charles knew he should have refused but now he is caught up in the moment.After a few drinks, Charles escaped the crowded area and went to a quieter corner. He glance at his wristwatch and sighed after looking at the time. He could have done so many things if he didn't come with Jason and Jenkins. What's that kid even doing here?As he gazes at the surrounding, he noticed how calm the ocean was. The city lights that were reflected on the water were something he only sees in photos but now his naked eyes have seen them. Quite calming, he thought and stayed some more."A cold night, Mister Castigado!"Hearing that made Charles turn his head to one side. A lady wearing a glittery tight dress that has a slit to her hips is standing. He has been to this scene a couple of times and so he fac
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Chapter 03
The next morning, Charles woke up with a bright smile on his face. He had a damn one-of-a-kind good night and it is all thanks to Vanessa. With his eyes closed, he reached his hand for her body and pulled her closer. He heard her moan and felt her move, embracing him too. Maybe it's really a good idea to enjoy yourself once in a while. He had his best night so far.And when Charles opened his eyes to gaze at the sleeping face of Vanessa, his eyes widened. The woman he is hugging wasn't the Vanessa from last night! It's a different woman! He thought hard, recalling what the hell happened and if he is damn dreaming.Just as he was recalling everything, he heard a gasp. He lowered his gaze and met the stranger's wide eyes. It was at that moment, staring at her eyes that he realized the one he was fucking was this girl in his arms.Suddenly, the girl shrieked away from him, kicking him off the bed. He abruptly sit up but the girl sent a pillow flying th
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Chapter 04
Stella rode a taxi to her apartment. She was holding crying while she was in that taxi and as soon as she closes her apartment door behind her, she huddled against her door. Her tears just burst out. "What did you do, Stella?" she asked herself, sobbing as tears continues to roll down her cheeks. Then she slapped herself. "Now you're dirty!"How did winning a stay in that hotel make her situation even worse?  Days ago, Stella was just working her ass off, working two part-time to save up for her dream. Then suddenly her boyfriend of 3 years broke up with her and she felt half of her dreams shattered. She was coming to work with no more life. Her workmates saw that.All the life was sucked out of her and that's when she won the all-paid stay in that grand hotel. At first, she didn't want to take it and considered just selling the pass. Then she changed her mind when she crossed a street filled with thoughts and almost got hit by a
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Chapter 05
Stella opened the door to face Charles with one eyebrow raised. He took his sunglasses off to see her better. Both of them with serious faces."What do you mean to be your girlfriend?" she asked her arms across her chest. "You don't mean you've fallen inlo--""Of course not!" He immediately cut her off. "As you see, I'm a Castigado and--""What's a Castigado? Spanish for kings and queens?"Charles couldn't help but look at her disapprovingly. Seriously, this girl still has no idea who he is? The last time they have spoken when he told her who he was, he thought she knew her mistake. But now look at this, this girl is frowning at him with a look of hatred."It's my last name," he answers. "Anyways, I am a billionaire and my image is very important. You and Vanessa stained it through that incident."As Charles expected. When Vanessa is part of the conversation, Stella would cower away."What's Vanessa to you?"Stella did not answ
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Chapter 06
"You are not going to last in this job," Stella, in an ill-mannered way told Charles. Both of them were congratulated by the store manager a while ago for getting hired."This is an easier job for me," he uttered. "A proper time off and a proper time in."Stella glared at Charles for a second and shakes her head lightly. She can't with this guy. Honestly, she thought it was just a baseless threat that he would apply for the job himself but he freakin' did. The salary was high. She could not let the opportunity go.Now that she gets the job, it's time to head home. Stella went her way to Emma first and said goodbye then she went out the door. Charles followed her."So, where are we headed next?" he asked which made her turn around."We?" She raises a brow. "You and I, we're not the same people. Go back to where you came from!" "Now don't be a stereotyping. Wasn't it enough that we fucked each--""Shut up!" Stella yells, covering
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Chapter 07
Stella didn't think of how much damage Charles' words are but now she does. Two weeks had passed and she still can't find a job, not even online. Some other companies needed more qualifications so there were not that many choices for her.If this continues, she will have to withdraw money from her savings and that's not good at all. Even though Charles is nowhere to be seen, he is still causing her the biggest trouble.Those are not the only problem she has. Her period has not come yet. It should have started two days ago since it usually starts in the first week of each month. It makes her nervous.Lately, she's been feeling nauseous without needing to vomit. There's something wrong with her but she didn't want to think about being pregnant cause it'd be the worst scenario."I'm just stressed out! I'm just tired!" she tells herself. But the more she denies it, the more her mind is troubled.For her, it's embarrassing to buy a pregnancy test kit. B
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Chapter 08
At dinner, Stella kept looking around. She is not comfortable being surrounded by these beautiful people. In fact, earlier she told Charles she didn't want dinner but suddenly her "you can save" instinct kicked in and she said yes. Now, look at where she is. "If you're uncomfortable, let's have a private roo--" "No, I am fine. We'll just have to be quick," she cut him off, fixing her composure. Forget about how she can save, she wants to get out of there so bad. "Alright then," he uttered, looking straight at her. "What made you change your mind?" "You're making my life complicated. I'm simply trying to take my peace back with interest." "Fair enough." He shrugged. "I usually do business in the middle of dinner and sometimes after." "You're not doing business with someone important, mister Castigado. I daresay we discuss it now." She took a deep breath, just preparing herself for what she is about to say. "I need thirty thousand dollar
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Chapter 09
Early in the morning, Charles made his way to Stella's apartment, knocking on her door. Then he started fixing his hair, something he does not usually do.The door opened, revealing Stella who is still rubbing her eyes. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were still a little puffed. He has seen this before."Good morning," he greeted."Why are you so early?" she asked back, opening the door wider while frowning at him."There was no time stated and we should get started as soon as possible. You have much to learn.""Much to learn? What do you mean by that?""You didn't listen last night." He looked at her disapprovingly. "Let me remind you. I've got a list of the people you can never trust. It's an advantage to know what my family is all about.""Ah, so this is like a test?" She nodded. "Oh right, give me the contract and I'll read it. Then I'll sign it and you can go.""You don't quite get it, huh?" He stepped forward, shoving he
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Chapter 10
Three days pass and Charles is really excited to see his girlfriend again. The past days he could only call her and each time Stella would hang up on him. Yep, that's all he is to her, annoyance.Today, he plans to exchange phones with her. It is also the perfect chance for him to upgrade her phone so he can see her during calls.Charles just parked at where he usually parks his car and went out. He leans against it, reached for his phone in his pocket and dialed Stella's number. It didn't take her long to pick up."Good morning, baby. You ready?""Ugh." He heard her groan. "I told you that I hate the endearments. Don't call me anything but my name!"He chuckled, gazing at her door. "Come outside when you're done. I am waiting for you.""Why are you so early?" she asked in an irritated voice.When he heard the door opening, the corners of his mouth immediately curved up. He raises his free arm and waved at Stella who had her forehead
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