Meeting The Special Man

While Amy was heading home, she realized that she had not got her kids any surprise gifts. They all understood her financial state and had never disturbed her for gifts. But today, she decided to surprise them. For Abe, she didn't want to think about him. He's not the CEO, then there is nothing that he could do to her. She was not scared of him at all, instead, she detest him for the kind of man he already projected himself to be. 

How can he met someone for the first time and he immediately showing her clear sign of lust and shows how irresponsible he was?

Amy stopped by at the mall and as soon she walked in, she saw a slap land an an old man's cheek. 

"What!" She exclaimed. She walked towards the crowds of people gathered around there and smuggled herself through the crowd until she got to where the old man was. 

The burly man who slapped the old man was dressed in suit and there were other men in suit around there. 

Amy challenged him," how dare you slap this old man? Did you not have respect for elderly people at all?" 

Everyone present there was shocked. They were all looking at each other and feared, not for themselves but for Amy who had the bravery to stand against the man in suit. 

"Who are you?" The man in suit asked Amy and looked at her condensingly, "do you know who we are at all?" 

"I don't care who you are, it's not right to slap an elderly person! You have to apologize to him and compensate him," Amy insisted. 

"Or what?" The man in suit asked angrily. 

"Or I'll slap you in return," Amy said. She didn't care about the consequence, she was ready to fight for this old man. 

"How dare you! I assure you that you would leave here in pieces," the man said and Amy threw a resounding slap to his face. 

Everyone echoed in shock, many took pictures and many were recording videos. 

Would he beat her in public? Who was he? Amy thought as she waited for what the man she just slapped planned on doing to her? 

"You dared to slap me," the man Amy slapped raised his baton up angrily and was ready to smash it on Amy. But a majestic voice spoke from behind, "stop." 

He turned and stopped at once, he lowered his head and wanted to explain what happened but the man who told him to stop waved his hand signaling for him to be quiet. 

When he appeared before Amy, Amy realized that it was the 'special man' who came for teeth examination at the hospital yesterday.

What was he doing here? 

He whispered to his personal assistant and immediately, his personal assistant dismissed everyone at once, leaving Amy alone with the most powerful man in NorthHill and his entourage. The old man that was slapped was also present there, he was not allowed to leave with others. 

"Are you trying to get my attention by all means, woman?" He asked. 

",no, I'm not. I didn't even know that you were here. I saw this man slapped this old man and it disgusts me, and everyone was watching so I came here to stand for him," Amy said. 

"The old man stole things from me, " he said and Amy furrowed her brow. She turned to the old man who had an innocent look on his face and asked," did you really steal?" 

"Yes," the old man admitted shamefully. 

The most powerful man in NorthHill said sternly, "you are clearly one of those women who couldn't wait to throw themselves up to me. I know your trick. You have shown up before me twice now and already showed how desperate you are." He stretched his hand to his PA and communicated to him through his facial language, his PA handed over a hundred dollar note to him. 

He then stretched it to Amy, "take this and don't ever appear before me again. If I see you next time, I'll destroy you." 

Amy was shocked at his words, but was he giving her money cause he thought she was a slut or one of those girls who crush on celebrity? 

"Don't worry, sir. You can keep your money. I'm just doing what is right, I'll take my leave," she said and turned to leave. 

His PA wanted to stop Amy but he motioned for him to let her go. This will be his last warning for this woman. When next he sees her, he would teach her a lesson that even a lifetime will not be enough to forget it. He would crush her entirely. For now, he would let her leave. 

"Should I make research about her?" His PA asked, he was already suspecting that Amy may be up to something as regarding his boss, otherwise, why would she show up twice in two consecutive days. 

"I don't need it. She's not worth being my enemy. Forget her," he declared and walked away. 

"And as for the old man who stole?" his PA asked. 

"Let him go and fire the one who raised his hand up at that woman," he commanded. 

"Got it." His PA noted. 

Once Amy escape the sight of the most powerful man in NorthHill, she placed her hand on her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. That was a narrow escape. 

Why in the world does she have to meet him twice in two consecutive days? She didn't want problems but it seemed she was now bringing problems upon herself. But why would he judge her that way? Did he really think she was trying to meet him on purpose? Why would she ever do that? 

But nevertheless, this was a narrow escape. Amy prayed not to ever meet with him again. In fact, she purposed now to mind her own business. She would now begin to avoid any large gathering cause it seemed that wherever he is must be crowded. 

Amy waited for a while for her abnormally thumping heart to calm. Afterwards, she proceeded inside the mall and got caps for her children. They were quite expensive but if it would make them happy then she wouldn't care. 

When she arrived home, her six little ones gathered around her and welcomed her happily. 

"Can anyone guess what I bought for you all?" Amy asked, as she sat at the living room with her six kids. 

All of them started bringing different suggestions while Amy kept saying No, they were so frustrated. They all had to ask Amy to tell them what she bought.

"So nobody could guess, right?" Amy asked and the little ones just accepted defeat. 

"A cap," Debby who had been quiet and observing all of them make several guesses suddenly spoke. 

"Smart!" Amy hailed her and said," it's a cap." 

"Mum, show us." Elijah said. 

"I can't wait to see it, bring it out already," Elisha said. 

"Mum got a cap! Oh my gosh! I'll wear it even in my sleep," Moses added. 

"Mum, let me see..." Angel said. 

"I'm sure it must be so beautiful," Queen added. 

Amy brought out the caps and the children started picking it one after the other. 

Amy chuckled, "no, these are for boys and these are for the girls." Amy distinguished the caps when she saw that they were just picking it in random. 

Eventually, everyone had a beautiful cap on their head, they were so happy and thanked Amy. Even the always quiet Debby thanked Amy. 

Amy cracked a joke with them all before leaving to her room to have some rest. 

The following day, Amy got dressed and left for work. She met Abe on her way to her desk and despite what happened between them yesterday, she still greeted him politely. 

Abe ignored her greeting and said," the CEO is at the office , report to him immediately." 

"Got it," Amy said and once she dropped her bag on her table, she left for the office. She knocked gently but there was no response, before she could knock for the second time, the door opened by itself. 

She thought to herself that it must be those modern door. Amy was dressed in an office skirt that stopped at her knees and a white long-sleeved shirt, her hair was a dark long one that proceeds above her neck region. She was wearing an high heel and overall, she looked adorable and decent. 

When she saw a man seated at the CEO's office, she heaved a sigh. At least, she would not be standing for so long today. The man's head was buried on his apple laptop as though he was busy. 

Amy didn't know whether to talk or not cause it seemed he was busy but she can't just stand here without saying anything. 

"Good morning, sir. I'm Amy Owen, the new worker at..." 

"Have your sit," he interrupted without taking his face off his laptop. 

He pushed his laptop to a side few seconds later and their faces met.

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