115| Standing for herself

Amaira's POV

When I heard Christian's voice again, I quickly dried myself with a towel and exited in my bathrobe. Dominic was upset, but that didn't keep me back, and neither did he try to stop me as he knew that Christian needs me.

"Cutie pie," he said again as I emerged from the bathroom, "where were you?"

Christian doesn't like it when I leave his side for even a second. I am not sure how Dominic will get his fair share of time.

"I was taking a bath," I explained as I sat beside him, "what woke you up?"

"I had a bad dream," he sniffed, "and I was scared when I realized I was alone in the room." Tears welled up in his tiny eyes. "I thought that he will..." I interpreted him before he could complete himself.

"Never think you are alone, my little monkey," I stroked his head lovingly, "I am always with you." He hugged me tightly.

"Come on, go back to sleep," I said, yanking him away.

He nodded and slid back down onto the bed. I took off all the pillows Dominic had placed around him b
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Comments (3)
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Rockeeba Moore
Yeahhhhh Lady Cathrine for finally standing up yo her husband and Yesssssss Dominic let his shame for self fall. He was a terrible father and husband, what amazing double updated
goodnovel comment avatar
Carina De Sa
amazing! loved the double update
goodnovel comment avatar
loved the way Catherine stood up for herself......

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