Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I smiled lightly and then shook my head. " It's fine mom, staying would ruin my plans for the future.. I need my time alone to take care of our baby,, if fate is on our side.. we might meet in the future " I muttered sadly.

" You sure? " Mom asked and I replied with a nod. She gave a assuring smile as she patted my hair. " Everything will be fine.. it will be fine " She muttered and signalled to the driver to drive.

He obeyed immediately and he revved the car's engine, driving out of the Bills' compound and I knew this was it.

I'm leaving, forever? I might never see Tyler again, even if I do see him. He might have a lover by then or he's probably married right?

But I will be having his baby. I felt mom's hand squeezing on mine, she was trying to ease this huge pressure I had build between myself.

I gave in as I let out a sigh and leaned against the seat and my eyes shut immediately.

Like that, we returned home and I had everything planned out with mom, my future, my baby's
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Carolyn Fleet
so why didnt her mom go after them for child support when they all knew he was the father. they totally lacked responsibility for his actions

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