“I had informed Alpha all about the May Day festival,” Nia whispered from the corner of her mouth, “he had mentioned that he will attend it but you really need to rush to his room now to help him.”

I looked outside the kitchen window. Blue, pink hue had already covered the sky as the evening approached and the sun went down. Everyone was ready and excited for the May Day Event.

I went to Alpha’s room, walked inside through the open door and closed it behind me. Alpha Alessio was already dressed up, to my surprise.

“Alpha? Do you need any help?” I asked out of courtesy.

He turned to face me. He was wearing casual clothes surprisingly. A black high collar t shirt with its sleeves scrunched up at his forearms, black jeans, a navy blue jacket on his arm that I suppose he was planning to wear over the t shirt. The dark colour was complimenting his skin and the hairstyle. Looking at him dressed like this, it was no wonder that so many girls could not stop talking about him.

His gaze roa
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