Liam’s eyes slid from the top of my head to the sandals I wore and then back up to come rest on the things in my hands. His jaw clenched tight, his gaze slid up to meet mine. He did not say anything, but his anger was apparent with the way he stared at me.

Alssio stayed beside me, his body stiff. The joyful look and aura had long disappeared replaced with unpleasant expressions.

“Come with me.” Liam extended his hand in my direction, palm open.

Alessio’s already stiff body went stock still. He turned his face in my direction, his face set in disapproval.

“Mia?” Liam’s voice snatched my attention again. As I looked at him, the anger in his gaze had gotten mixed with a look of desperation, “I know you are upset. But for the sake of our years long friendship, can’t you give me a chance to even have a chat with you?”

Alessio was still staring at me. He was quiet but I could literally see in his eyes that he did not want me to go.

But when I looked at Liam, I could see the pain in his
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I hope she tells Alessio
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Oh shit! You better walk away from the crazy person!
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Liam is crazy… and not in a good way

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