Alessio’s POV

For a few moments, my mind went blank. All the commotion faded in a deafening silence and the bad thoughts rushed in. The past flashing in front of my eyes became my new reality, and the same things happening to Mia with her being helpless and no way to find a way out sent shudders down my spine.

I closed my eyes tightly to block everything that was trying to swallow me like a black hole. I could not think about all of that right now. Mia…

I opened my eyes again, my eyes turned blue as my wolf rushed to the surface. The only thing that stopped it from fully taking control and rushing to find Mia was the sight of fire all around and the little bit of sense of responsibility that I had left inside me to save all these people.

The sounds came back and the silence faded slowly. The visions of past blurred and fire took place in my eyes. People were still screaming, shouting, murmuring.

I looked at Daniel, “Find a way out. Call the territory guards.”

“You don’t need to pret
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Stacie Banks
the stories is good just wish the book was finished

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