77~ Movie premiere

"There's nothing wrong with the both of you. You're perfectly healthy." The doctor told Amelia and Ethan as they sat across his desk.

The couple had gone for a full body check up and a fertility test to check why they were not able to have another child after trying for over a year.

Ethan took Amelia's hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Then what could be the reason doctor? My wife hasn't taken up any jobs so far so we can't say she's stressed and my assistant at work has been helping out so I am equally not overworking." He inquired.

The doctor sighed, looking at the table of results in his hands. "Everything came out normal. So maybe we can just leave this to fate. If you're meant to have another child, then you will. Otherwise, we didn't find anything wrong with either of you."

Ethan nodded in understanding. "Well, thank you Doctor. If anything, we shall see you again." He said and beckoned Amelia to follow him by tugging on her hand lightly.

All this while, she sa

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