16 || I love you

Lunch break is officially over. For me, it ended with the fight. I grab my bag and hurry outside to join Calum and Amelia but the hallway is empty. I can’t go to Dad’s office or I’ll be in trouble and I can’t let Amelia take the fall alone. It’s my fault.

Kicking the air in frustration, I start for Dad’s office and stop halfway there. Bad idea. I’ll be grounded. He hasn’t grounded me in years. The bell saves me from making that mistake. I head back to class and count the minutes until the final bell goes off. Once the closing bell rings out, I bolt out of the class to wait at Amelia’s locker.

The hallway soon grows noisy as other students begin to leave their classes. Bored, tired, I bang my head against the locker, torturing myself with a million scenarios on how it could have gone. 

Someone taps me. Amelia. She grins. 

Why is she grinning? 

I throw my arms around her, squeezing

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he will come around, eventually
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next chapter looks promising
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Oh no no no no no no. I totally get Cal’s anger. I 100% understand where Cathy was coming for. Her delivery was shit. So well intended though. Cal, please I love you too, I’m just upset right now, before you shut that door!!

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