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It’s today. The boys are pumped, and so am I. Cathy and I won’t share the stage but she will perform before me, giving Mace and I a front row view of her performance. But it’s impossible to savour the excitement when she’s this nervous and threatening to bore a hole into the rug with her constant pacing.

I stay as close to the door as possible. The more the gap between us, the lesser Cathy’s chances of getting mad. My last attempt at trying to calm her resulted in a shoe thrown at my face. This time I’m not alone. I’m with a reinforcement.

The boys were nowhere to be found but Mace had no choice. His arms and feet dangle out of the carrier strapped to my chest. Mum wanted to take him while Cathy performed but I wanted both of us to watch from backstage. He has his noise cancellation headphones so he can’t hear a thing beside the playlists I created for him.

“Cathy,” I mutter when she halts before the window. No reply. I clear my throat. “Baby.”

Cathy turns on her heels and s
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goodnovel comment avatar
I'm not a songwriter, so I couldn't write a whole song. I just put up a few lines cos that came more natural
goodnovel comment avatar
Ally M
so much emotions in this book make it feel like a real life experience. thank you to the author can wait for the rest of the book.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany schramm
yeah I'm bawling.... I wish there was an audio for this song somewhere or we have the lyrics to read... but a beautiful chapter

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