To Tempt My Stepbrother

To Tempt My Stepbrother

By:  maramartha  Completed
Language: English
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“You make me want to do more than kiss you.” “Then do it,” I urge him. “I’m eighteen now.” * * * Life after high school hasn’t been kind to Calum. When his mother remarries again and offers him the option of living with her new family till he figures out his life, he jumps on the opportunity. Cathy is living her best life. Her father has finally found love after her mother’s death. What better way to celebrate it than with a night out at the bar and three of her most favourite people? One drink leads to another and the tipsy Cathy is dared to kiss the hot stranger sitting by himself at the bar. Easy peasy, right? What’s a little tango with a stranger? Until the next day. She finds the hot stranger at her house, sitting comfortably on the couch is none other than her stepbrother. * * * * * This is a spin-off of Bullied By The Badboy.

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default avatar
awesome book highly recommend
2024-02-09 18:31:20
default avatar
Sabrina Swope
Where the readers group?
2023-10-04 18:10:09
default avatar
Excelent story
2023-09-09 05:25:24
user avatar
Gail t
Though at times it dragged out, I loved it! It made me laugh. cry, happy, heartbroken and wanting more. It brought back crazy memories from my youth. I Want More! I want to know what happens now. To C, Cathy, Jason, Dani, Pete and Mace. With Celebrity status there are so many ways this could go.
2023-09-02 05:07:30
user avatar
Gale Grainne
Must Read! a very nice story not only about stepsiblings but about life..
2023-08-01 00:22:36
user avatar
Emilee E Johnson
I'm captivated
2023-07-13 01:52:30
user avatar
Mystic magic
Such a lovely story. With so much of emotions that you feel it in you. The books just keeps you engaged throughout. My question is where is this readers group???
2023-06-29 12:07:40
user avatar
Faith Amy
Nice book here
2023-06-11 23:51:59
default avatar
OMG! The relationship between characters is a little uncomfortable in the beginning but is a great jumping off point for the rest of the story. It really pulls you in! A real love story, steamy to boot!
2023-05-27 01:07:59
default avatar
Shelby Swoboda
Absolutely loved this book. Loved getting to see all of the characters evolve throughout all three books. The author knew how to keep you drawn in and how to hook your emotions to those of the characters. Going to miss reading Calum and Cathy’s story!
2023-02-25 12:32:28
user avatar
Andrea E. Tiarks
Really enjoyed this book. Had to look beyond the need for editing but the story invoked so many emotions and I actually cried at times.
2023-02-25 07:38:03
user avatar
Amazing book
2023-02-23 04:33:45
user avatar
Bridget Muthoni
Absolutely love this C&C love story amd the ending is to divine.
2023-02-16 15:13:27
user avatar
Sandra Cheney
how do I read the rest.
2023-02-05 02:52:48
user avatar
Sara Elizabeth
I have absolutely LOVED this story so much, it is by far one of my favorite books to date!!! But please tell me how to get to the readers group for the bonus chapters and Amelia's letter!!! Please help me with this!!
2023-02-03 03:22:09
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203 Chapters
1 || The dare
“Okay. I’ve got one for you, Cathy.” My eyes narrow as Amelia says this. I already know what my answer will be—a big fucking no. “I dare you to walk over to that guy and kiss him.” I roll my eyes without looking in the direction she points, expecting the other girls on the table to laugh with me, back me up or stop her from trying to get me to embarrass myself. But nope, they do nothing but look on with amusement. No way. Amelia folds her arms, a perfect brow lifts as she waits for me to do something. She has got to be kidding, right? I look again, at one of my best friends but she returns the look with a smug smile. The consequences of befriending the school bitch, the geek and the artist. They come up with the worst dares for their beautiful and carefree friend. I grip the table with a groan, hoping and waiting for her to take back her words. Nothing. “Why him?” I ask. “Don’t know. Who wears sunglasses in a pub?” The other girls nod in agreement. I swear they will nod to a
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2 || Last chance
“That was super hot,” Rose, the redhead in our group says. She is the artist. “Go and do it again.” “No.” Jesus Christ. That guy is a sexy, pompous dickwad. “It wasn’t hot and I’ll not repeat it.” “Yes, it was,” Taylor, the brunette, supports. She is the geek among us and the smartest. I finish the rest of her chapman and her eyes narrow in fake anger. She ditched her glasses for contacts tonight and she keeps squinting. “But it wasn’t a real kiss.” To me, it was. Rose makes kissy faces at me. “I wanted to watch you two kiss. Muah. Muah.” “I think he likes you, Cathy,” Amelia says. It is her first time talking since I returned to the table. I ignore her. She set me up for this. “Don’t know. He wants me to follow him,” I say to no one and everyone. Rose hands me my bag. She is seated on my left. “His hotel is behind the pub.” Taylor retrieves her phone from her purse. For the next few seconds, she types on her phone while I nurse my empty glass. The stranger is still there,
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3 || Kissing a stranger
There are three things you must never do. One, kiss a stranger. Two, kiss a hot stranger. Three, kiss a hot stranger you might never see again. Why? Because if the hot stranger is a good kisser, you will never forget about it. And for the rest of your life, you will compare the kiss with others. I groan into the pillow and drag myself out of bed. C has ruined my life. I kissed Jackson on the first day of school but it was different. It didn’t feel like C’s soft lips. It wasn’t demanding and gentle. Hot and needy and delicate. It was just Jackson. I push down those thoughts once I’m in the bathroom. Amelia will start honking like a little angry bitch if she gets here and I’m not ready. I round up to the room for a change of clothes and finish off in front of the mirror. The dark roots of my hair contrast with the pink flowing down my shoulders. Dad hasn’t gotten over my new hair colour. Dani, my stepmom, thinks it’s cool. I think she’s cool. My phone vibrates on the vanity and
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4 || Not my brother
“What do you think about your new brother?” Dad asks once we are inside the car. He doesn’t start the car. I wish he would so we can be out of here and away from anything that reminds me of Calum. “Your brother seems cool.” The relief I’ve been feeling since we left the house melts away. I click my seatbelt into place and tuck my bag between my legs. “He’s not my brother.” All it takes is one stern look from my dad for me to say, “I don’t think anything about him. Can we just go already?” Dad’s hand reaching for the key in the ignition drops. My head hangs in shame. “Sorry, Dad.” “Sorry for what?” “For raising my voice at you.” Since that day, he has been so conscious. Both of us. We have to hold each other accountable. He doesn’t look away and I lift my gaze to blue eyes matching mine. I have naturally black hair while he has brown. Dad takes my hand, the one with the tattoo. His finger hovers above the semicolon tattoo but he doesn’t touch it. He knew when I got it. “I just wa
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5 || Girls Code
The tall building of Carlton’s High stretches into the blue sky. Dad drives on to park his car, a smile on his lips as he tells me to have a good day. I walk up the stairs but the door opens before I reach it. Rose steps out first. Taylor is right on her heels. They flank me on each side, linking their hands through mine as we fall into step. “Amelia called us, she’s not coming today,” Rose says with a pout. “Who drove you?” “My dad.” They snicker. I elbow Rose in the rib but Taylor jumps out of my reach. I might have complained once or twice about my dad’s long talks during the rides to school. “It was not that bad.” As a matter of fact, it was going well until he-who-shall-not-be-mentioned showed up. Just the thought of him and the teasing kiss make my cheeks warm. What if Dani had stumbled in? “Next time, call me,” Rose says. I pout and she pinches my cheeks. “I’ll come pick you up, alright?” “Yeah, thanks.” The three of them might dare me to do the most ludicrous thin
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6 || Out
“You’re late. Both of you,” Calum murmurs. His expression doesn’t crack as his gaze rakes over us. I’m newly reminded of his handsomeness and a blush rises to my cheeks. It’s unfair to be tortured this way. What’s he doing here? Rose grabs my hand. Calum’s head jerks up. “Excuse me?” Did I say that out loud? “Yes, you did,” Rose whispers. Her cheeks redden with second-hand embarrassment. Body flush against mine, she asks, “Do you have a death wish?” Calum watches our interaction for a bit. Feeling the annoyance rolling off him, I lace my fingers behind my back. “Are you done, both of you?” He keeps saying both of you but I think he means only me. “Yes, sir.” Sir feels so wrong coming from me but I’m not sure how to address him. And the main question still remains, what’s he doing here? Rose pokes me. “We&rsq
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7 || Come rain, come sunshine
Never ever get your choir director upset if you already lied to him once. I’m learning that the hard way. And Dad can’t help me in this case. Dinner is a tense affair. Calum is seated beside me. Dad and Dani are on the other side of the table. I roll the spaghetti around my fork, half-waiting for Dad to say something in my defence or use his position as principal so Calum rethinks my punishment. “Calum,” Dad finally says. I try not to get too excited but a grin spreads to my lips. Dani catches my eyes and looks away but I see her smile before it disappears. “Don’t you think Cathy’s punishment is too harsh? Maybe reduce it to a week or two?” My stepbrother takes a bite from his dinner, then drops his fork on the plate. He clasps his hands on the table and levels Dad with a look that might have gotten me into trouble if I did the same. “Would you appreciate it if someone told you how to do your job?” Too low. Too fucking low. Dad raises his hands in surrender and my heart dips to
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8 || Just a kiss
CALUMHow do you punish a liar? By ignoring her or taking away her most valuable items. In this case, it’s the choir. With her dad on my side, there’s no pressure to put that miscreant back on the team. In her absence, today’s practice goes by without any hiccups. The students are already warming up to me. I didn’t think that would happen so fast. But everything has been moving so fast since I agreed to come here. All Pete wanted to know after Mum told him about letting me handle the singing was if I had any music experience. I had ton shit of that. And it almost ruined me. Didn’t it? This is my first real gig since Mending Hearts crashed. The choir wasn’t part of my plan. My plan was to be low-key until I sort my shit out and decide my next move. But Mum hopes it will get me to sing and play again. So far, it’s working. Being a choir director involves showing off what you’ve got so the choristers can believe in themselves. I haven’t played the gui
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9 || To Seduce My Stepbrother
One week later and I’m still not allowed to join the choir. This was not how I envisioned my last year in high school turning out. Rose claims practice is going on fine without me. How’s that possible when their lead solo singer is missing? Calum is a meanie. My stomach tightens at the thought of him. He has been ignoring me. He’s gone before I wake and only returns late in the evening to smoke. I should have reported him to Dad but I haven’t. He wanted to kiss me again that day. As much as I strongly dislike him, I like his lips. So, I wouldn’t have minded another kiss.I force one foot in front of the other till I’m at the door of my chemistry class. Mr Andy is at his desk waiting for the rest of the students. I am too early for the class and as I watch the bald man through the narrow pane of the door, I seriously consider running out of the school. Chemistry is too complicated. Maybe if Calum taught chemistry, I
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10 || A deal
Shock stops Amelia from acting fast. She shifts gears but it’s too late to do anything, so we are forced to stay put. I try to play it off with a smile but my heart is in my throat. Sweat breaks out on my forehead as Calum’s car slows to a stop directly beside ours. I look away. We are in big trouble. “Are you stalking me?” he asks, still in his car. This is our chance to race out of here. Calum slams his door shut and storms towards my side. No. I’m not the one driving. He should face Amelia. He wrenches the passenger door open. “Get out of the car.” I plant my foot firmly on the car floor. “No.” “Well, I asked nicely.” A scream escapes me as he drags me out of the car like I’m a ragged doll. I swallow my fears and force my face into a neutral mask when our eyes meet. His eyes are wide with anger and I know I have something to do with his temper. “I’ll ask again, were you stalking me?” “No. We came here for Rose.” “Rose, huh?” I nod again because it’s all I can do with
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