27 || Heartbreak sucks


The thick smell of smoke clogs the air. I pull out the joint between my teeth and puffs of smoke escape my lips and nose. My eyes water as the choking smell of weed invades the studio. It will take a while for me to get used to smoking this much. Not like it helps, it only dulls the pain for a few hours. 

Heartbreak sucks.

A door opens somewhere behind me. It has to be one of my nosy bandmates, and I’m proved right when someone snatches the blunt from my hand and stomps it on the floor. I glare at their foot, my gaze trailing up to the face of a very unimpressed Sam.

“You can’t smoke in here,” Sam says.

“Who says?” 

“I do. It’s my fucking house,” he mutters. 

I almost roll my eyes. He shouldn’t invite me over then if he will police my behaviour.

Stopping behind me, he places a hand on my shoulder. The door opens, but I don’t bother to check the

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Erica Boeh
Thankfully no tears she’d this chapter lol. Can we all get a happily ever after. Amelia recovers and dates Jason Cathy and Cal reunited and make more babies PLEASEEEEEE
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica Boeh
Was thinking the same thing…. That song will be what brings them back to each other
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica Boeh

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