Chapter Two: Toying With Her

Contrary to what she had expected, Niko took on her the fastest ride she had ever been on and Reyna felt her heart was going to jump out of her rib cage more than once.

By the time he came to an abrupt stop with tired screeching loudly, she had to open the door to throw up almost immediately.

Niko watched as the little girl emptied her stomach right beside his car and laughed heartily.

What would usually be quite unbearable to look at for him usually now looked like the best scene in the world.

However, he was kind enough to pass her a bottle of water for her to clean up.

“You don’t seem so fierce and threatening anymore huh?” He asked cockily as he looked at her pale face.

Somehow, it was so satisfying to see her this way after all the stress he had been dealing with all day.

Reyna on the other hand was too stunned to have a reaction. Somehow, she could feel like he had done this to punish her and yet there was nothing she could do about it. After all, she had gone knocking for trouble first.

This made her curse her uncle one more time for putting her in such a troublesome situation.

“Get in. Unless you want me to leave you right here” Niko said, his words snapping Reyna out of her thoughts as she got in the car.

The ride back to where she didn’t know yet was quiet as Niko drove quite reasonably this time, none of them spoke a word and right when they passed the hotel, Niko parked the car.

“You can get off now, those men won’t dare to eye my woman” he said confidently in a bid to reassure her.

However, to Reyna, that was more than a harmless statement. 

She looked at him with her wide  and clear eyes trying to see if he knew what he just said.

Niko on the other hand was surprised at how different she looked with her red lipstick washed off.

She looked really young and outstandingly pretty. And right now, she was looking at him with slight  fear in her eyes.

“Or do you want me to drop you off at your home?” Since he was wondering why she wasn’t getting down, he guessed that she was most likely still scared of those men and asked her.

To his surprise, the moment he said that, the little girl opened the door and got off like there was fire on the seat.

As soon as she left, he suddenly felt like he ought to have taken her home, she looked too young to be moving around all by herself.

He looked in the rear view mirror to see if she was still there and was only able to see her entering into a cab in a rush. 

Since she left already, he pushed any other thoughts off his mind as he drove back home.

He had finally gotten permission from his dad to take over this hotel and came here today to start work only to be taken lightly by all the staff.

Since he wasn’t ready to show his hand, he had called home to let his father know that his staff were misbehaving.

Instead of getting a sign of rage or dissatisfaction from him, all he had gotten was “they all know you are a useless waste, how would they dare hand over anything to you” his father had said with blatant mockery that Niko had no choice than to end the call without another word.

As soon as he got home, Niko took out his phone as he was undressing.

“Release all the compiled evidence, it’s time to take action” he said as soon as the number he was dialling picked.

Without waiting for any word from the other end, he ended the call and kept the phone on his dressing table as he stepped into the shower.


It was only until she was in her dormitory that Reyna was able to relax her nerves as she let out a sigh in relief.

She was currently in her last year in college. 

Unlike other scholarship students that stayed in the dormitory, she was able to stay in a room that had only three people which was rare since the school felt that since scholarship students weren’t paying their fees, they didn’t have to get premium accommodation and so placed them in a room that had four bunks and a total of eight.

Reyna was not only one of the best students in her department, she had also brought the school several merits in her four year course.

At the age of twenty, not only was she the youngest student in their class, she was the most intelligent, yet she was also the most miserable since she had no family.

“Ahh! Why do you look so disheveled?” Larissa, who was Reyna’s closest friend and roommate, said as soon as she came out from the shower.

Today was the weekend and Reyna had called her to inform her that her uncle had requested that she come home, she didn’t expect that not only would she be back here, she even looked like she had met some troubling ghosts on her way.

Since they were best friends, Reyna didn’t bother to hide anything from her and told her the matter as it was, which shocked Lisa.

“Is he even human? How can he try to sell you to someone irrespective of his age!?” She asked with indignation.

She had read things like that in books and seen them in movies and was shocked that her uncle could actually be that cruel.

“Thankfully, that rake didn’t touch you, because the news about him is just terrible.” she said with a sigh of relief.

Reyna nodded in agreement and then chatted a bit more with Larissa whom she called Lisa for a short time on most occasions before going into the shower.

After a warm shower, she studied for a while more and then went to bed after studying.

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