Son Of The Soil

Son Of The Soil

By:  Oladimeji Abubakar  Completed
Language: English
5 ratings
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Kuhan is a kingdom with no tolerance for magic and sorcery, the only one with sorcery power in the kingdom is the one whom the King trusts the most, the young priestess. Eventually, a boy was born, alongside a cub which signified they're both magical creatures, they were banished from Kuhan immediately!. What happens when the young priestess turns on the Kingdom and their only hope for salvation is the banished boy, find out.!

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Deeply Review
Definitely one of the best books I've read so far.
2021-04-26 16:43:59
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2021-04-26 11:40:39
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Eruviene Okeoghene
Good story I really love it
2021-03-24 05:48:48
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Dominador Apilado
what a wonderful story, even I forgot about my lunch today and even i I cannot think about stop reading it
2020-12-29 17:39:06
user avatar
The best paranormal book ever!
2020-12-16 05:31:54
40 Chapters
Episode 1
It was in the noon but the weather doesn't portray that as there seems to be a conflict between the sun and the moon. Everyone was indoors and there was total eclipse in the Kingdom of Kuhan.No one dares step out of their houses as the eclipse could blind them. They've never experienced anything like that before. During this period, everyone but one was in in peace."You've to push!!!" The Midwife yelled. The labouring woman groaned, her veins almost tearing her skin. She was in a great discomfort."Bring me water, Now!!" The Midwife yelled at her assistants, one quickly went and came back with a bowl of water after a few seconds."Here drink some" The Midwife said, slowly making her drink from the bowl."Now push!" The Midwife yelled again and the labouring woman pushed as hard as she could, letting out a loud groan in the process."Yessss! Cry baby! Cryyy!" The Midwife said out o
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Episode 2
 Lydia, the new mother stood up gently from where she was dropped and picked up her baby gently, she looked around and sighed. This is no place for anyone to be. She started walking through a clear part, she looked around as she continued walking. There were different animals making unpleasant sounds, though she could see none. She spotted a cave and speedily walked towards it, she entered and found a suitable place to sit. She gently sat down and placed her baby on a flat rock beside her. "Harvey" She slowly said. "You'll be called Harvey" She said, a drop of tears fell down her cheek. She couldn't hold back the tears any longer, why her? She gave birth to a cub alongside a baby and found out her baby has magic!. "This will be our home now" She muttered, caressing her baby.  10 days later ?️KUHAN?️&nbs
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Episode 3
 ♣️HUNKA FOREST♣️ It's been 12 years already, both Harvey and Edgar had grown pretty well. Harvey had grown too tall for a twelve year old. Edgar has grown big too, his mane has grown fully well, showcasing he is indeed a King of the jungle. Lydia and her offsprings had many disturbances throughout the years but Edgar always come to the rescue. Edgar would scare anything and anyone but he doesn't eat humans. He only hunts down animals. Lydia has also grown older and weaker, her son(s) always go out to hunt for the food, fruits and fetch the water they'd need. She's always in the cave.  Surviving 12 years in the forest wasn't easy at all, there have been cases when they'd have almost killed one of them but miracles happen.  Only Harvey knows how to communicate with Edgar.   "Mother, why
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Episode 4
?KUHAN?  "Your majesty, the kingdom will continue to face mystical and dark creatures if the seal isn't put back in its place" Lady Blythe said  "But how can we do that when we don't even know who stole the seal?" Sir Earl asked "It could only be one person" King Emmett said and paused a bit, rubbing his finger against his shiny throne. "Otis" "I'm sure the Dokas stole the seal" He said "But were they able to deactivate it, it has been there for centuries." Sir Earl questioned, facing the priestess. "We all know Doka has skilled sorcerers." Lady Blythe replied "I'll find a solution, but till then, please increase the number of knights guarding the kingdom" Lady Blythe said, bowed and went to her chambers. She wasn't herself since she faced the Voiros, thank Goodness Rox
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Episode 5
?HUNKA FOREST?  Harvey opened his eyes, he looked around and he was in the cave, the rag he wears for clothe has tore on the shoulder, he guessed Edgar dragged him in when he fainted. He saw Edgar laid beside their dead mother, he had slept off. Harvey stood up and carried his mother's dead body outside, somewhere beside the cave, he wanted to dig to bury her but he only has a matchet. Edgar slowly walked up to him. "How do we bury her now?" Harvey asked Edgar remained silent for a while and then roared, he roared really loudly. Nothing happened at first. "What was that for?" Harvey asked and suddenly, badgers started coming out of no where. They started digging and in no time they were done.  Harvey slowly lowered their mum's body down and the badgers covered it and they went back to wherever they came from.&n
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Episode 6
9 Years Later?️HUNKA FOREST?️A man, dressed in a fine, nobel robe. The robe seems like that of a wizard. He came from somewhere beyond the Hunka forest, he stopped when he saw the cave that Harvey and Edgar Lives in. He held a long staff carved from a tree, at the top of the staff is a crystal, attached to it which shone brightly.He stepped in the cave and saw Edgar and Harvey, both lying beside each otherEdgar had grown as big as he would ever be, and Harvey, he has grown taller and muscular.Harvey suspected someone is watching them, he opened his eyes and quickly threw his dagger at him. Surprisingly to him, the dagger stopped right in his front, without him doing anything, it went back to Harvey and dropped just in front of him.Harvey moved back, he used his telekinesis in carrying a rock and directing it at him. The rock broke into absolute pieces.
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Episode 7
?KUHAN?Jason appeared at the border of Kuhan. The guards there quickly stood up to intercept him."Who are you?" One of the guards asked"I'm a druid, I have business with some people here!" He answered and took a step forward. The guards unsheathed their swords and pointed it at him."Don't you dare take another step!!!" One of the guards yelled, Jason smiled and hit his staff hard on the ground, a strong force hit all of them and sent them yards away."I'm sorry!" He yelled and crossed the border. He grabbed on the of guards' horse. He entered Kuhan and looked around, he admired the Kingdom."So much beautiful than Axifon" He thought. Some knights rode on horses past him. They are clearly a search party. "The princess" Jason thought and smiled. He rode to the palace and got down of the horse. He walked in the palace and t
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Episode 8
?KUHAN?It was late in the night, Queen Dorothy couldn't sleep and neither is the King. Roxanne is still yet to be found."Nothing must happen to my daughter!" The queen yelled amidst tears."Calm down, I promise, she'd be found" The King consoled her and patted her to sleep. King Emmett went to his own chamber, he layed on his back on the bed, staring at the roof. He couldn't sleep."What happened to my daughter?" He thought"Does the druid guy have something to do with this?""I swear, if he does, I'd find and kill him!" He thought.Just then, the door to his chamber slowly opened and Lady Blythe, in her late mother's appearance walked in, she used her powers in making the candles go off.King Emmett was terrified. He was shouting for help but it seems no one heard him.She moved closer and laughed hysterically.King Emmet
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Episode 9
?KUHAN?Lady Blythe held a bottle in a hand and walked towards the King's chamber. The King ordered her to enter and she did. She bowed and handed over the bottle to the King. "Your majesty, you should take this after your morning meals" She said "Thank you so much priestess, you can go now" Lady Blythe bowed again and evilly smiled, she went back to her chamber. King Emmett drank a spoonful of the potion, he had just finished eating. The potion wasn't bitter and neither does it taste delicious. "Are you still having those dreams?" Queen Dorothy asked as she walked in, her long gown sweeping the floor."I hope I won't again" King Emmett laid on his bed and the queen sat beside him."Shouldn't we worry about the security of the Kingdom?" Queen Dorothy asked"I have this feeling of restlessness." She added
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Episode 10
?DOKA?"How could they have managed to kill a Derek?" King Otis asked Elmer"They've a powerful priestess your majesty, I'm sure she did something." Elmer replied, slightly bowing for the King.King Otis is an impatient type, he wants to take over Kuhan so badly."I've an idea father" Prince Clyde said as he walked in the King's court"Let us hear it son" the King replied.Clyde sat at the throne beside his father, the throne meant for the late queen."Kuhan, they'll be holding one of their normal fighting competitions the day after tomorrow" Prince Clyde said"So?" King Otis asked"I could go myself, the King would be watching, I can kill him. No one knows me in Kuhan. ""No! That makes no sense" King Otis yelled "Father, are you doubting what I can do?" Clyde asked, his feelings
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