Chapter Three: The Playboy Is Gay?

Niko dropped his cell with a satisfied grin, of course, he was certain that James couldn’t fail, after all, he had trained the trior himself for things like this and although they were his subordinates, they acted more like brothers.

He was certain that in some minutes, he would get the call from home. He was used to this, a routine they enjoyed but yet made it seem like he was the one at fault.

The first time had been unbearable for him, there had been a video of him beating someone who had beaten his younger step brother and yet, the video had contained only his own violence.

For days and weeks, it was online and no matter how much he pleaded with his parents, they refused to budge on believing that it had only been self defense for his brother.

And for his brother? The little brat had pretended like he knew nothing every time he was confronted while his mother and grandmother would rush to protect him.

As a young boy at the age of thirteen, he had thought that his brother had of course been too scared to talk or speak of what happened. But after two more years of seeing the true faces of his family members, he had decided that there had been no fear. It had all been deliberate ignorance.

And from that point on, the young boy had started to fend for himself, look out for himself and also draft his life.

Just like he had predicted, the loud ring of a phone, different from the one he was holding, broke him from his thoughts as Niko stood up with his towering height of a 6:4, he was easily the tallest man in most rooms he entered.

“You bast**d! What have you gone to do again? Are you coming out of the closet now!??” The man on the other end of the phone raged on with anger as soon as the call connected.

Looking at the news that was backed with several proofs, he was torn between excitement and shame. After all, no matter what, he was still his son, so even if he wanted him to be useless, knowing that he was into the opposite sex was also going to make him embarrassed when he went out.

“Do you have to believe everything they say online, you don’t even bother to ask me first?” Niko questioned even though he had the answers to every question.

“I don’t know who I must have offended to have such a useless son like you. And you want to take over the company like this?” 

Before the conversation could go any further, Niko ended the call with his face curled in a sneer at his father’s behavior.

Which proper father wouldn’t try to take off the news and would only be concerned about putting the son down and making irrelevant conversations at such a point.

However, it was only good if they behaved in this way, after all, he had a plan.

And like that, the whole internet and news media was flooded with news of Niko Sutton being gay.

Of course it was hard to believe for a lot of people, after all, he had an image of an overall rake that changed girls, but with several pictures that showed him intentionally taking those pictures with the girls and him kicking them off almost immediately, some people started to believe it.

They reasoned that it was probably because he wanted to hide him being gay that he had gone through all these lengths to achieve such a result.

As for the ones that felt it was impossible, they were proven wrong not long after with a video from one of Niko’s longest relationship.

From everything the girl said, it was already conclusive that this billionaire heir that was known as an extreme sports lover and rake was actually gay.

“Boss,  should we increase the flame?” A man asked stepping out from the shadows as Niko was planning to go upstairs.

“My ‘brother’ would increase the flames. By the time I want to step out, I would dare not step out” he said nonchalantly.

From the apathy in his voice, one could see that he didn’t really care about the news, after all, he had been the one to give the instruction.


“Rey, my sister just told me about this job gig, I don’t know if you are interested since it’s in an hotel club” Larissa said as she entered the room.

While Reyna could study quite comfortably in the room, she needed to go out to the libary for her to study well.

Reyna’s ears perked up as she heard a job. 

“I don’t mind but I already promised Alan that I would come visit him today, after all, I hadn’t been there in three days” she said her emotions conflicted.

Her brother, Alan had been a frail child since she could remember, it didn’t help particularly that not long after her mom gave birth to him, they had gone on a trip and never came back, some time later, they had gotten the news that they were dead.

Since they were still too young, they had moved in with their uncle whose wife believed they were taking up the space and income for an extra help and made her do all kinds of chores for her and her daughter.

Over the years, Reyna had thought that it was only her uncle that was on her side and respected him greatly.

However, the incident from yesterday was only a proof that none of them was different from the other in that family.

“I’ll go to the hospital and visit Alan for you, I’m also his best friend remembe?” Larissa said teasingly which made Reyna feel emotional as she threw her dainty figure into her embrace.

“Thank you so much Lisa, I don’t know what I would do without you honestly” 

After revising together a little, Larissa brought out her phone excitedly. Since they were doing the same course, Reyna preferred revising with Larissa to help her understand better, after all, she was not as intelligent as her.

“Have you seen the news? Turns out that Niko Sutton is actually gay!” Lisa said excitedly. 

One could tell that this was something she enjoyed a lot. 

Reyna looked at her in surprise. Her eyes opened wider than they usually would. Perhaps it was because she had just met him yesterday, but with his outstanding looks, high sexual appeal and previous reputation, it was quite hard to believe that he was gay. 

She stood up and went to look at what Larissa was looking at until she was finally convinced that it was really true that he was gay.

“I guess he really hid it well” she said simply as she started getting ready to go to work.

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