Chapter Twelve(Confusion)

Mira's Pov:

After the incident with my demon mate, after he shamelessly admitted banging a whore, after he uttered a profanity of making my stay a living hell. I decided to stay away from him for a while as I still got a lot of pain from him each passing day, though I vowed never to let go as I see him as my savior from this trauma.

I sat with Luna and other rank members as we had breakfast. I have ditched breakfast for a long time now and she is already getting worried. I don't want her suspecting or finding out about me being mated to another pack member when I am here to marry her son. I don't want her finding out like this though she is going to find out soon not this way, even though she is always jovial and nice around me still I don't know if she will approve of me being mated to another pack member aside from his mysterious son, the guy that I haven't seen since I step my foot into this pack.

I continued chewing my food as they discussed, I seriously had no idea what they w
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