Chapter seventy-eight( Escape)


It has been two weeks that I have been trapped inside this prison without food or water. Though Susan does sneak in to bring me food, I don't know what I could have done without her. She seemed kind and cool. I know that my death is drawing closer every damn second but my fear is the child in my belle, I might accept the death punishment but I don't think that I can be able to watch them kill the two of us, I have tried and think of any possible way to escape but all my attempts was in vain.

Sitting with my head resting on the wall, I heard a footstep but ignored it. I am not expecting anyone today and besides Susan told me that she won't be visiting today. She had some work to do at the pack house.

"Mira, baby….." I know the owner of the voice but there is no way that Virginia should come here to visit me and talk more or call me by a sweet name. Not after it was rumored that I killed her husband, the father of her sons.

"Mira, look at me…." I continued ignoring the voice, I kne
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When are the updates?

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