Chapter seventy-seven(Trapped)


"Stop there!" I yelled at them.

"Don't you dare…." Using authority I glared at them but they ignored me and proceeded to walk toward me with a handcuff.

I watched with terror as the warriors handcuffed me and push me forward while dragging me to God knows where. I fight my emotions as the warriors glanced at me with a disgusted look taking me by surprise, there are the same faces that always held respect for me but now they glared and cursed at me which still baffles me for all this thing surprises me. As we walk past Nengi I glared at her but she gave me a taunting smile, I know that this is one of her stupid handworks.

As we walked I noticed the pack members crying and weeping not without giving me a hateful look, the whole place echoing with cries, and grief as everyone seemed to be in agony. My heart aches as I watch them though not knowing what was going on. Reaching the end, I hear the cry of hurt and devastated mate like someone who lost her mate.

Stretching my head, I not
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