Chapter Fourteen

Mira's Pov:

I nervously fiddle with my clothes as I try absorbing every single thing that Luna said, of my arranged husband being Nicholas, my mate. I noticed someone boring a heated hole in my head, I turned in the direction only to be met with the angry black eyes which frightened me. I turned away instantly, I knew that it was the gamma. I adjust uncomfortably.

"Your brother said that he couldn't make it to your wedding," Virginia said to Nicholas whose facial expression changed immediately. He looked hurt by what Luna explained.

"Why….." He questioned.

"He said that he still needs to put some things in control before returning," the Alpha said this time.

I don't know but I kind of feel interested in this conversation, this is my first time being interested in their conversation. I don't know what but I feel the urge to know when Nicholas's twin will return. He signed as he scratched his neck in anger.

"I thought he had finished the freaky stuff," he said in anger.

"Mind your langu
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