Chapter Nineteen( The wedding preparation)

Third Person's Pov:

Mira stared at Nengi who was glaring deadly at her, she looked pale and her face looked flushed. She felt the blood drain from her face as she gazed at the one person that she has ever prayed not to cross paths with.

"You stupid creature, where are your manners? She scowled.

" Don't you say sorry…?" She impatiently yelled at her.

"Are you deaf or mute…..don't you know what to say?" She growled.

With trembling lips, Mira muttered "I…. I am… Umm… I am sorry,"

"What a pathetic fool? Nengi spits horribly before storming out of the hallway.

" Ouch….. Why is she so scary?" Mira mumbled.

"Uomo…" Mira released the breath that she was holding, so finally, I can breathe she said. She looks scary, everything about her irks the word "Be careful" The tears on her face have long been forgotten. Standing in front of Nengi with her cold eye boring into Mira makes her want to open the ground and bury herself inside there for eternity.

With wobbly legs, she stood up and started wa
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