Chapter thirty-one ( The secret passage)

Mira's Pov:

Sitting on the floor in my room, Angel and I were having our girly time. I was seriously enjoying our conversation, she is fun and lively to be around. We were done eating but too lazy to go keep the plate downstairs, we were laughing and chatting to the extent I couldn't remember my pain and misery. We were talking before something clicked in my brain. I needed to ask her this thing though I have been in this pack for months and still am not that familiar with everywhere so I believe she would know better because she grew up here and has stayed longer than I.

"Hey, Angel…." I whispered barely audible but with her werewolf's ears, I know that she heard me.

"Yes…..any problem?" She unhurriedly asked.

"Hmm……" I stretch my neck since I don't know how to ask her without making it sound suspicious.

"Come on…….you know you can ask me anything and am here to answer," she calmly asked me as she rubs my hand.

"The thing is that……. Hmmm," I gave her a small smile as I battled within
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