Chapter thirty-seven (This whole madness needs to stop......!!)

Mira's Pov:

Still arguing with myself whether this behavior of his won't blast away once he finds out the truth, I know that things won't be the same if he finds out. I don't expect him to leave his brother for me and if in any process he wants me after finding out about the truth then the bond between the two brothers won't remain the same, I don't want to be a homewrecker because I am damn sure that Virginia's love towards me will change. Everything will change and I will be the cause of it and that's why I need to distance myself from the two brothers. I have to make sure that none of them finds out before I escape to God knows where. Far away from anybody's sight and imagination. I can't visualize myself being in the type of situation where everybody sees you as a misfortune and lays curses on you. If they find out about the truth I will be made a laughing stock because none of them will want me. And I am sure that not even Virginia or Alpha Den will stare at me with adoration or
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