Chapter 6



"I don't know anything about the shooting, Don Niko" she was on the verge of crying.

May Summers, the only maid that was luckily left alive. She had taken two days' leave when Charles Bolton's entire family was murdered. She was the only one who could tell me if that girl was telling the truth or not. She could be an imposter for all I know, I couldn't just take her word for it.

The story she made up was complete utter bullshit. What the fuck does Ignacio Reyes take me for? A fucking fool?

He really thought that he'd dangle a sweet piece of ass in front of me and it would throw me off my game? I'm not that weak when it comes to women.

But fuck him for choosing the sexiest piece of ass in New York City.

The way she just stood there waiting for my command. How she acted as if I scared her. Her beautiful brown eyes filled with fake innocence. How she flinched whenever I stepped closer to her. And her body... Her fucking photoshopped body. I couldn't believe that an eighteen-year-old girl could have such perfect curves. And her submission was just icing on the cake.

Ignacio must have thought hard and listed down every single fucking thing I liked in women and then chose this fucking girl to send my way.

I turned my attention back toward the maid, she was trembling like a fucking leaf.

"I didn't call you here for that. Tell me, did Bolton have a daughter hidden away?"

The maid visibly paled. "Yes, he did"

I frowned. "How?"

"I wasn't allowed to talk to her, Don Niko. She was locked up in a room, I have seen her a few times but I never talked to her"

"Charles Bolton kept a daughter hidden away for fucking eighteen years and no one knew about it"

"Don Niko, most of his servants have been loyal to him for years and none of us thought that him having a daughter was important enough to tell you. We thought you knew..."

She then went on telling me everything she has heard or knew about Evangeline Bolton.

In the world, I grew up in, there weren't many things that surprised me but somehow this did.

All this time, I have been thinking about her being a pawn that Ignacio had sent my way but she was telling the fucking truth. Every word she had said was true.

We dug up Charles Bolton's security camera footage, there was only one in the house, it was set in his living room. After going through hours of footage, my men only found Evangeline appear in it three times a day, just like she had said — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I reclined back in my seat and rolled my neck to loosen the kink. I lit up a cigar and lodged it in my mouth.

Bianca entered my office, it had been three days since Evangeline Bolton has been staying in my house. I hadn't seen her after the first day in my office. I thought that all her crying and pleading was fucking fake but now that I know the truth, it amused me.

That girl was as innocent as the day she was born.

As twisted as it sounds, the thought that no other man has touched her before made my dick twitch.

Now that I thought about how she acted that day when she saw me made sense. Her body was tensed when she stood before me like all this was new to her.

A strange sense of satisfaction spread through my chest when she listened to my every order without hesitation. The dominant side of me wondered how obedient she must be in bed.

"What do you want me to do with her?" she asked.

She knew why I have called her here, from the past three days she has been keeping an eye on her. Trying to dig information out of her.

"You can go back to your place now" I ordered.

Evangeline was not a threat or a mole. I didn't need anyone babysitting her now. I still hadn't decided what I wanted to do with her. She can live in my house as long as she wants. She didn't have anyone. Her parents have died and I doubt she had any other relative she knew of.

"Don Niko, I think Evangeline is telling the truth, she isn't a mole. She doesn't even know what a mafia is"

"I know, that is why you can go home now. I'll call you if she needs you"

She nodded. "Okay..."

"And Bianca, tell her that she is free to do anything she wants to do in the house. She doesn't need anyone's permission"

"She has loosened up a bit. I'm sure, she'll be completely fine in a few days. She likes it here, she's so fucking curious about everything"

My phone vibrated and my father's name flashed across the screen. I got up and buttoned my suit jacket.

Giving Bianca one last nod, I left my office to get to my father's house. I was meeting Paul Russell and Grace today for the marriage of convenience. The only reason I was ready to get married to that whore was power. Paul Russell had no heirs, everything he had belonged to his daughter. So, marrying Grace will not only make me more powerful but it will also give me more territory to rule over.

I arrived at my father's mansion, the men bowed their heads with respect. I walked straight to my father's study where I knew Paul and Grace were waiting for us.

Scott, my underboss, stepped out of my father's study.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What are you doing here?"

His face contorted with annoyance. "Your father put me in charge of your father in law's and future wife's security"

I let out a dry breath as something unwanted coursed through my veins. I was fucking hating the idea of marriage.

Scott gave me a shit-eating grin. "How's that pretty little Bolton thing?"

"Staying at my place"

Most of my men have seen her by now. Scott has seen her multiple times lurking out in the gardens. She is a weird fucking girl, she was fucking enjoying her freedom for the first time and she was making the most out of it.

Most of the men were bound to notice her, she had a body of a fucking vixen. Bianca had bought all the fucking summer dresses for her that ended just above her knees. In the past few days, I have seen my men drooling over her ass and that included Scott too.

"What are you gonna do with her?"

Why the fuck everyone was so interested in knowing what I will do to her?

"Haven't figured it out yet" I replied dryly.

"I could take good care of her for you, boss," his suggestive grin said it all. "Bolton knew what he was doing when he locked her up"

Irritation surged up inside of me. Having her in my house gave me a sense of ownership over her. It's only been three fucking days, I have already started to consider her as my property.

My father's muffled laughter from behind the door fell on my ears, I placed a hand over Scott's shoulder. "Don't even think about it"

Without hearing what he had to say, I pushed open my father's study door and stepped inside. Paul Russell along with his daughter Grace stood up.

"There's my boy!"

I shook hands with Paul and settle opposite the father-daughter duo. My eyes met with Grace's familiar green ones, she smiled at me. She was an attractive woman but whenever she opened her mouth it made me want to shoot her fucking brains out. The thing about her that annoyed me the most was her habit of sleeping around. I was a fucking mob boss, the most feared man in New York City, and I had to marry a girl that had probably slept with few of my men just because of my father's word.

Father and Paul started to discuss the plans for the future and how this union will affect the relationship between our families.

Marrying Grace Russell was a smart move for our business, so, I had to fucking swallow this pill. I don't have to have a relationship with Grace. She will be my wife in the title and she will bear my children. I don't have to play fucking house with her.

Father seemed too pleased with his plans and that is when I decided to speak up. "I have one condition"

Paul raised an eyebrow. "A condition?" he looked between pops and me.

My father cleared his throat. "What condition, Nikolai? You know everything is---"

"We will get married after a year"

"A year?" Paul repeated.

"Why?" father asked.

"I need some time. Grace and I will get engaged, but we will get married after a year. If you don't agree with this then I will---"

Grace fucking Russell cut me off. If she is going to be my wife, she better learns some fucking respect. "Nikolai is right, I need some time as well. I'll graduate from university in six months, so, I don't mind if we wait"

Before my father or Paul could add anything, I stood up. "Now that it's done, I have to be somewhere"

I walked straight out of the office and strode to my mama's room. I opened the door and saw her lying on the bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth. A certain uneasiness settled in my chest, it always happened whenever I visited her. She was unconscious, her meds made her pass out like this. I kissed her forehead and stepped out of her bedroom.


"Niko" she smiled and held my hand.

She pulled me into one of the guestrooms and locked the door. I know why she had brought me here. She faced me and slid the straps of her tight dress off her shoulders. She reached behind her, unzipping her dress making it fall to the ground and pool around her feet.

"I wanted to do this the moment you walked through that door"

Sex with Grace was rough, dirty, and fast. That's how it has always been.

She kneeled before me and unbuckled my belt, she zipped my pants down and stroked my shaft from over my boxers.

I gathered her hair in a makeshift ponytail and tugged her head back. I liked to be the one in control of everything, whether it was my business or my bedroom.

I wonder what that little angel Evangeline is like in bed. Her submission the other day had me spellbound. She is a meek little thing, the things I could do to that sweet, virgin body— fuck!

I looked down into Grace's eager eyes. She swiped her tongue across her lower lips while stroking my hardened dick.

"Take it like a whore you are"

My order was all she needed as she eagerly removed my dick from my boxers and put it in her mouth. I forced my dick deep into her mouth before pulling it back out and then back into her throat again. I roughly fucked her face, and she was enjoying it like a good little slut.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I thrust into her mouth. I wonder what Evangeline's little warm mouth would feel like, her plump lips wrapped around my cock as she sucked me off.


I looked back down at Grace, her eyes had watered and drool was dripping down her chin. Her cheap mascara was running down her cheeks.

I need to stop thinking about that little distraction in my house.

With a few more strokes, I came deep down her throat.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and tugged myself back into my pants. Grace wiped her chin and sucked her fingers clean while eyeing me seductively. She grinned up at me, still kneeling before me.

I raised an eyebrow. "What are you so happy about?"

"We are going to get married, I still can't believe it" she heaved a sighed dreamily. "I'm the one who won Nikolai Sin Costello in the end," she said happily.

"We still have a year..." I reminded her as I fixed myself.

"I know... it will pass by quickly..."

My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pants pocket. I picked up. "Scott?"

"The fucking FBI raided our Vegas nightclub, they knew, Niko, they knew about the drugs, someone tipped them off"


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