Chapter 25


‘Did she just attempt to blackmail us?’ Magnus asked.

The amusement in his voice grated on my nerves.

‘Don’t get any ideas.’ I warned him, stiffening my spine as I climbed the stairs to rejoin Mykelle. ‘She sealed her own fate. Even the mate-bond won’t change that.’

It was impossible not to harden my voice. In all our years together, not once has Magnus been interested in anything other than blood and carnage.

There was nothing special about her, nothing at all.

He conjured an image of Violet in her form fitting dress, making sure to include all of the old fucks who’d spend the night drooling into their whiskey’s as they stared at her curves.

A flash of irritation made me grit my teeth.

These married and mated men were more than willing to pay to fuck her, while their rail-thin wives crooned about the weight she carried. Half of the old crones had never seen a woman with curves before and prided themselves on their sickly looking wolves.

I reached the top of the steps, smoothin
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