A Mistake

"Let her stay, "

Inessa, who was staring at Emily with her glossy eyes felt like her soul got shrug inside her body vigorously . Her heart turned totally numb by hearing that voice. She didn't even dare to trail her eyes towards the owner of that voice because she didn't need to and the frightful expression on Emily's face had already made it clear that who that person was.

Inessa tightly held back Emily's hand when she heard his foot steps getting closer towards their direction which didn't go unnoticed by Emily. She turned her head only to find Inessa looking at her with her watery eyes, which were pleading her to take her away from that place and specially away from him.

Emily held back her hand secretly and then trailed her gaze towards the person walking towards their direction.

"It was my mistake. I was showing her the entire place but end up taking her here. It's not her.... "

"Only a lie needs to get explained, Emily, "

Emily's mouth got shut closed after processing his t
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